Back from my break

Back from my break

Hi all I came home yesterday from my week away, never had the do anything at all, being on a cruise is ideal, no washing, no cooking, just sleep and rest, Norway was lovely, did tours and lots of walking, come home feeling like a different person, ready to start again. Wish I could of taken you all with me, you all deserve it. My lovely sister in law. Big hugs to you all Yvonne xxxx

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  • Hi Yvonne

    So glad that you enjoyed your holiday and a lovely time out for you

    Sue x

  • Glad you had a lovely time 🤗

  • How fabulous you look glad you had a good time you really deserve it glad your also feeling good about yourself

    Love Nat xxx

  • Glad you had a relaxing great time Yvonne. Happy for you.

    Audrey xoxo

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