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My cheap skate tip for migraine and headache attacks !

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I have noticed several people complaining about the headaches and migraine attacks they have been getting recently and thought it might be useful to share my very inexpensive but practical tip that I have been using for many years.

I have suffered with both migraine headaches and other types of headaches throughout my whole life and although painkillers do either work or take the edge off the pain, I often find that it takes quite a long time for them to kick in or they don't work at all.

In desperation one day I decided to take things into my own hands and get inventive and this is what I did:

Take one fizzy drinks bottle of the large size (2 litres ?) that has five big nodules which forms the base of the bottle.

Fill this with very cold water from the tap or add ice cubes if you find it helps.

Rest comfortably in an armchair where you can slide down a bit or prop yourself up in bed at a suitable angle and place the now full bottle onto the bridge of your nose (with the bottom of the bottle on your forehead) with your nose falling between the nodules on the bottom of the bottle. You can either hold the bottle upright with your hand or in my case, I rest it on a suitable puffed pillow to support it.

The pressure of the full bottle on your forehead and bridge of the nose together with the effect of the cold contents makes for a pretty good addition to pain killers and at times I have found that by using this method, I can avoid painkillers altogether if I catch it early enough.

So there you have free and very effective headache cure !

Good luck everyone, :)

big hugs xx

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I like it! Thanks xandii

oooh I like it! we should have a tips page :) xx

It's warmth that helps me but I suppose, as long as I'm not stoopid, there's nothing to stop me putting warm water in it is there?

I think whatever floats your boat's not an exact science ! LOL. :)

I don't know what it is that makes it so effective ? Certainly the pressure put on by the weight in that particular area helps me a lot.

With your medical background Di, do you happen to know what nerves or things it might be sitting on that makes it work so well ? I would just be very interested to know.

I am guessing a sort of sinus link in some way ?

Anyway hun....I just got the idea out of sheer desperation one day and what do they say ? ........ necessity being the mother of invention or something like that ?

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SuenMike in reply to xandii

Sometimes it is blood vessels which are inflamed in and around your sinuses. Your tip sounds really useful, and as Di said, it could be used with warm water if that is best. There is a bundle of small blood vessels which make life miserable when one has a head-cold. With BD which enjoys making our blood vessels misbehave (hence the term vasculitis) this could be the cause.

Well, my expertise is in the other end of the body but my gut reaction is something to do with the sinuses - maybe equalising the pressure? You know, gunk filled sinuses being put back into their place so to speak.

I've found that a warm hot water bottle on the nape of my neck gives some relief - even though the pain is always around my right eye socket. Sometimes it starts off at the nape but mostly it's just a bunch of builders with jack hammers working behind my eyeball.

Funny you should say that because someone else on here was asking just recently about swollen glands at the back of the head and I told them I use the same 2ltr bottle filled with cold water rested in the nape of the neck for that problem too ! :)

Funny how hot helps some and cold helps others isn't it ?

Will definitely give this a and cold!!! Thanks.


thank you! i shall also give this a try! : )

So do I hun ! Cold does it for me everytime. :)

I use the same bottle resting in the nape of my neck for headaches at the back of the head and it works pretty well for that too.

I would be very interested to get any feedback from everyone who trys it and finds it helps as I have only got my own results to go on so far !

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