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Another Question - Struggling Mentally?

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Sorry another question... Everything seems to take longer for me to process mentally at the moment. (Currently experiencing a big flare up). If someone asks me something it takes me a few moments to digest the information before replying. I find, also, it takes me a lot longer than it did to think and do. For example, making sure I've done everything I need to do before leaving the house etc.

Also, my short term memory isn't great. I will have very little if not any recollection of a conversation I've had with people in the recent past. Although my long term memory seems no different from previously.

Initially I assumed that experiencing these things were down to my painkillers (very nasty oral & bowel ulcers = tramadol at quite a high dose) but having read about some people's experiences I'm beginning to wonder whether the Behcets may once again be at play.

Can anyone please tell me whether they have had a similar experience or whether they know this to be a Behcets issue or whether I just need to ease up on the opiates lol!?

Thank you,

Will x

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Hi, my daughters memory recently has got quite bad, she also tends to forget things frequently which gets her into a bit of a mess at work.

Thank you Tamirra. Please give her my kind wishes x

I know exactly what you mean, this is happening to me too. I usually have a great memory but just lately keep forgetting work passwords and things. Also will have a conversation but can't remember what I actually said. It's so frustrating and embarrassing!

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lovenothate in reply to Roxybaby

Hi Roxybaby,

That's it exactly! Weird and extremely frustrating isn't it. I quite like the theory that it is because the brain can't cope with everything going on, the pain, the struggle, what's happening to us... And nothing neurologically to do with the Behcets.

Thank you for replying and stay strong,

Will x

Hi Sarah-Lou,

I totally understand that theory and recognise the feeling of having such a full up head I can't process more information. Sounds like this is the cause and probably nothing neurological in terms of the Behcets.

Thank you for replying and best of luck with work. Stay strong.

Will x

Yes, its a bitch! I am better since I went back to work, and yeah I save the oral morph for a quiet nite at home :-)

I document any conversation of any importance, even with a quick summarising email.

Between my notebook and sent emails I can recount what was said.

I make lists in my very smart notebook and religiously cross things off as I am prone to completely forget what I was doing if I am interruped.

I also admit if I can't remember, and accept all the help I am offered such as letting one of my team drive me to a meeting (I find it much less tiring) and they tell me that they prefer the new me, they find me much more human.

Shame I had to be brutalised by BD to become more human!!

Stick with it Will, its early days for us.

Jill x

I think you might be living my life, Will


Not officially diagnosed, but yes yes yes. It is all how I feel as well. Hubby thinks it's amusing that I can say/ask the same thing 4 times in an hour and not remember having said it already. I find it incredibly frustrating! (He just tries to keep me laughing through it, he's not being mean.)

Hi Will,

Same situation here, you're not alone!


Same here also and I am writing back to front sometimes also love woes puzzles but are putting words and numbers in wrong place. Got my neuro scan in 2 weeks maybe find out something.



Same here also and I am writing back to front sometimes also love woes puzzles but are putting words and numbers in wrong place. Got my neuro scan in 2 weeks maybe find out something.



Hi Will,

Sometimes subtle cognitive difficulties (memory problems, thinking, speaking) are caused by the Behcet's Disease itself, rather than your medications or moods/stress. Subclinical thinking problems (those not detected by a doctor) can happen even if you've not experienced specific Behcet's neurological symptoms. These problems can seem worse if you're tired or have a headache.

Cognitive functioning in Behçet's disease.

Cognitive event-related potential and neuropsychological findings in Behcet's disease without neurological manifestations.

Cognitive impairment in Behçet's disease patients without overt neurological involvement.

Hi Will Hun,

First of all I have to say well done you for being a single dad AND keeping a job going !

We all tend to laugh at the loss of control over our memories here. Several of us have expressed recently how we can't remember even simple words of explanation and often lose track of what we are saying mid sentence. We have named it 'Brain Freeze' which seems to describe it so well. LOL. :)

You are in good company here hun, stay in touch frequently and share all your woes and good times with us hun........ we will be suppostive and try to help when you need us all and we absoloutely all love to hear nice things that happen to you as well.

tootles hun xx :)

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It's not just me then. Yep my short term memory is terrible but like you say long term is fine. I have to write things down or put reminders in my mobile phone calendar straight away or I would forget. Been getting lots of headaches since my current flare up and from reading other replies it could be linked as only had memory problems since I got this flare. Hopefully that means once the flare settles my memory will sort it's self too. C x x

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