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i have find out my support worker is best person who cane help :))))) i hope prof fortune don`t read lol

years i have been seen loot`s of doctor and my body produce 10 times of my blood for test what i like to share is i have suffered for all most 32 years since being diagnosed i have all ways get more present blood pressure,border line personalty disorder,dipresion,micturition syncope and all blame on behcet`s and difrent tablet for difrent dignosises side efect pain and all work i can`r teach any one i know you all know very well:(( but i start to get from shp (singel person homeless project they ofer support service as well my support workers conie (god bless her and her familiy`s) come to all my appointment and when you have mental health problem no one take you seerius but if come from unader service they have to do their job and my pressure is less and Behçet's Centre of Excellence at london have psychologist which know abut and cane make you feel he know what you are going truh i fined very help full i feel is beter to share i hope all the best you cane get when you get don`t worry abut tomorow and waist enjoy and dont get down you know your enemy is in side you don`t get week i know is easy to say :( any way good luck i all ways prey for judith buckle sol god bless all (sorry for spelling mistake english language is my 3rd first kurdish 2turkish 3rd engilish )gl all

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Very wise words, diyar, we really can be our own worst enemies can't we.

I'm sad you feel that your mental health issues get in the way of you being taken seriously; that must be so frustrating! But it's little wonder, is it, that we all get depressed sometimes, although I realise you are dealing with a bit more than depression! It's really good to hear that the London team includes a psychologist. I wonder if all the teams do? That would be interesting to know.

Very well done on your English, by the way, you did incredibly well for a second language, never mind a third one!

Take care of yourself - and keep talking to that psychologist, it's rare to find a person who understands what you're going through.



It seems as though despite going through so much you are have a good sense of humour and as positive an attitude as you can have in your situation. You've clearly had a rough time and you are still going through it, but it sounds as if things are going in the right direction for you to get the help you need for all your difficulties.

Thanks for sharing with us, I think many can take heart from your post.


Devonshiredumpling and Tigerfeet have put such brilliant comments that it's tough to follow.

I agree with them totally :-) Love Jill


Thank you all but when you don`t have much choice why worry more and make worst i know some of as are want to punch me lol (just i know the filing talking and giving advice for behcet`s for a sufferer is fill like to punch) my point is Behçet's Centre of Excellence psychologist can let all give in side of behcet`s sufferer to uder mental health team and they cane understands you when you in pain you suffering you don`t boder to express your self i don`t want to any one hold my hand say o you poor think lol:) and fill sorry for me being understands same time give comfort being kurdish/turkish i can`t pull down my pants and show my ulcer make pain full to talk any way lol i have try to be positive i keep try to smile and enemy is inside don`t let to get you down all the best good luck to all i have find worrying what abut the`s or abut next what will happen is get as all more down but we can`t help trying to less worrying is helping and live what will happen you cant change buy worrying you directing to bad :(( i have did and doing same time cant help

good luck all have nice week end


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