Has anybody else had a sore throat that then results in ulcers on the throat?

Have had this a fair number of times over the past 2 years (only found out recently that it was throat ulcers) always thought it was Tonsilitus and when seeing the docs they said it wasn't but didn't mention it was ulcers - only knew it was once I saw a picture online! Is there anything I should be taking for them?

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  • Hi, I have had a sore throat constantly for months now. I have Behcets and an underactive thyroid so I ended up blaming it on the thyroid meds. As soon as I seen this post I googled 'throat ulcers' and mine looks like a mild version of it. Swollen tonsils and red throat with tiny little white bits...YUCK!

    I don't take anything for it but if it gets really bad in the morning (to the point where I think my throat is closing up) I just use a Difflam spray. At the point now where I cannot afford the Doctor haha

  • Hi Denise, thanks for replying, it's starting to make me feel as though I'm going to be sick because of the swelling...trying to make a docs appt for later today and thankfully it doesn't cost for the docs appointment or the prescriptions!

  • I have had this too. Don't have tonsils as I used to get tonsillitis constantly. It feels as painful as tonsillitis though. Horrible! Used to constantly have a sore throat with the bd but prednisilone has helped with that.

    Hope the ulcers go soon :)

    Jo x

  • Forgot to say that the ulcers I get at the back of my throat are big and very painful!

  • Hi guys, thanks for replying.....can only hope it's away before Xmas...have anti-biotics but don't want to use them if I can avoid it.....xx

  • Hi there

    This was one of my first symptoms when I was very young and it had been diagnosed as tonsilitis but it never responded to antibitoics. Later my consultant suggested that it was probably behcets rather than tonisilitis,

    You could gargle with salt water or a few drops of Tea Tree Oil in warm water. Tea tree works wonders on sore throats and ulcers.

  • Tea tree oil is great for the inflammation too as well as any infection! I live by it...sooo good (tastes a bit rank but better than suffering!) :)

  • Hi Andrea, thanks for the tip....will pop into Boots on the way home and see if I can pick up some tea tree oil. Cheers Tricia

  • new to the board diagnosed with behcets about 3 years ago, only just found this site. I often get sore throat with ulcerated lesions on throat, usually feel drained with it and begun to see a pattern now where this usually heralds the onset of a nother flare up. Having one now -worst ever, lost half a stone in last 3 weeks. wnot hi jack your thread but just to say it seems many BD sufferers get throat ulcers .Hope you get over it soon .Best Rgds

  • Hi Tricia

    I had a really bad bout in October which came and went within two weeks, however was the onset of an even worse bout of BD which affected my nerves. I think Di from Devonshire has something similar with ulcers that come and go quickly. Most other sufferers have it for longer.

    Probably not much help except to say I know what you are going through. I cleaned my teeth with a childrens toothbrush and toothpaste which helped a bit in not aggravating it.


  • thanks guys....haven't been officially diagnosed as not had recurrent mouth ulcers.....but have had them 3 times in the last few months, so when I see the rheumatologist in March the diagnosis may change......do throat ulcers count? Cause if they do I've had them far more often but didn't know that's what they were!


  • Yes, my lovely throat ulcers count, Behcet's ulcers get everywhere. My disease was diagnosed on the basis of urethral ulcers!

    And, yes I get them at the back of my throat too - way back past where the gag reflex is (you don't need to ask how I know this!).

    As Les said above, I have short, sharp bouts of ulcers - oral, urethral, anal, and some I can't see inside - before developing a big flare. My ulcers are very short lasting and are generally gone within 10 days.

    Hope that helps a little bit x

  • Went into a big flare the last time I had the ulcers in my throat, but they came and went over a few months before it actually kicked in.........I've had these on and off for about a month now along with more painful joints than normal...painkillers taking the edge off but that's about it....new pain in my hands, wrists and fingers!....it's like I've staved my hands....and the ache is driving me mad - I want to cut them off at times!....finish work on Friday so hoping not to end up too ill to enjoy Xmas and New Year...x

  • Hi Tricia, yes I get them too but not too often mine are on the under side of my tongue my cheeks and inside my lips and they last for what seems like forever but its usually 2 weeks, when I do get them in my throat it makes me sound as if I have laryngitis for weeks, Merry Christmas

  • Thanks Beth Merry Xmas to you too

  • Yes, this is usually one of my first warning signs of a flare. I sometimes gargle with salt water and also have a steroid asthma spray prescribed by my Behcet's specialists to help the ulcers. Thinking of you

  • I have a steroid mouth wash to gargle with prescribed by my dermatologist. I used to use the spray but prefer the wash. If I catch them early the ulcers usually won't get as big or last as long. I too get them throughout my body, mouth, tongue, cheeks, gums, throat, throughout the digestional tract, bladder, urethra, vagina and anus (that I know of!!). They really do get everywhere.

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