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Ulcers on the back of throat and tonsils.

Suffered from these ulcers on back of throat and/or tonsils for years now, but I've finally got people I can ask for advice! So apart from eating ice cream for the next week or so and using a range of numbing sprays, is there anything I can do to relieve pain so I can eat? Thanks in advance :) xx

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Hi, as a BD sufferer for of we 28 years.....yes I do have a couple of tips.

Clenil steroid inhaler (only on prescription) is great especially if you start to use at the onset. A few puffs in the areas needed 3/5 times daily, reducing as things improve. Another strange but true fact... COCACOLA....really soothes and helps keep you hydrated when you can't eat or drink anything. Also be very careful when brushing your teeth as I know how painful it can be if you touch a sore spot. I find a sensitive toothpaste and a child's soft toothbrush or an eclectic one is best. If this continues then you need to see your GP about a referral so that you can get the best treatment.

Hope this helps....and also you need plenty of REST....forget the housework and only do the really neccessary work.




I've seen this comment about cocacola before and I find it fascinating. Clearly it helps lots of sufferers but I find it unbearable! Weird how some things suit and some things don't isn't it?


Thanks for the advice, most definitely can stop doing the housework hahaha :) x


Gargling but not swallowing soluble aspirin

Sucking an icecube before eating

Using a suitable toothpaste and mouthwash. I get my toothpaste on prescription and use it 5 times a day - I can't remember what it's called at the moment.

Not having your food too hot,

Small manageable mouthfulls so that you are not moving the food around for ages inside your mouth before you swallow it

Soft food like pasta, fish, well cooked veg


Thanks, I'll definitely give that a go :) x


I too suffer from massive sores in throat for 30 years. Although I've tried just about everything, I get a script for an oral mouthwash concoction - dont currently have any so can't tell u what's in it, but its pink and creamy. It helps a little. I cannot drink anything acidic like coke, omg that would hurt. Usually I can get down canned fruit, yogurt, warm broths and believe it or not watermelon. When I get to the watermelon stage, I'm usually one step away from being admitted to hospital. Hang in there, hope u feel better.


Thank you :)


I just got over mine in the throat too:( not the first nor the last time I am dealing with these. This time I found that if I kept my mouth/throat from getting dry helped. For example, cold drinks to sip, chewing ice, drinking slushies and sucking on lozenges really helped in keeping me more comfortable. Waking up to dry mouth and throat is the worst! If you can handle this:dipping a qtip in hydrogen peroxide and then twisting the wet end into the ulcer (as to clean it), it will feel much better afterward and I found they heal quicker too! Good luck dear;)


If your mouth is dry in the morning, try some lubrication gel before you go to sleep and during the day use moisterising mouthwash 5 times a day when possible and moisterising spray. Biotene do a good selection and it's available on prescription in the UK.


As Billi says the clenil inhaler.. But you should also try Beconase nasal spray for the mouth and throat. I find this works somewhat better than the clenil for those hard to reach areas as it delivers a powerful liquid spray which travels a bit further than the puffs of the inhaler. I use the clenil for mouth ulcers but resorts to the Beconase for the ulcers further back. Taste not great but relief far outweighs it..


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