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Another Day

Another day has dawned and what a beauty it is..haven't seen sun in such a long time!!!!

I made the dinner for all last night and am thankful that I was able ( a bit more acceptance!) Maybe just maybe my mood is better because the sun is shining!!!!

Nothing else has changed as far as fuzzy brain aches and pains and ulceration but the sun is shining.......

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Hi ruth

How lovely to have some sun, send some my way :o)

Isn't it funny that all of a sudden we become aware of a light happy feeling!

Long may yours continue.

I have just come back from an aqua exercise class which makes me feel good but boy

does it do you in. So feet up for me for a while.

Have a good day x


Great to hear the sun is lifting your spirits.

I too struggle with this damp dreary weather, a little bit of sun really does help to boost my mood.

x x x


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