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Anyone been told they have volvodynia?


I am currently in between seeing different consultants getting diagnosed with behcets, 4 different consultants from different areas said they are sure behcets is what I have but today after seeing the dermatologist she said maybe I have volvodynia but it doesn't explain all the other symptoms. I am currently waiting to see a rheumatologist. Has anyone else been told this. Thanks

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My understanding is that vulvodynia refers to a painful vulval and vaginal area; as such I wouldn't have thought it came under the remit of a dermatologist!

Having said that, I have seen vulvodynia mentioned as a differential diagnosis for BD - that is sort of a reminder to medical practitioners to think outside the box when making a diagnosis and not just go straight to the most obvious diagnosis.

I would just wait until you see the rheumatologist to be honest and just put the vulvodynia to the back of your mind.

I must point out that is just my personal feeling - I'm not a medic!


I think wait to see the rheumatologist as that will give you a bigger picture. The Vulvadynia is a vaginal problem and I am sure it can be part of the Behets condition.


Thank toy everyone


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