I thought I would start a new thread - expecially with Tamirra asking for tips for her daughter.

Long before I was diagnosed I went off soaps and shampoos.

For myself I found a product called Dermaveen worked best (based on oatmeal).

One dermatologist recommended I start using it (had already been on it for a couple of years).

Hope that helps (I think scented soaps would probably aggravate genital ulcers).


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  • Thank you Lesley, would that be on prescription?

  • Hi Tamirra

    No just off the shelf at the pharmacy. There are other products as well but this one suited me. We have discount pharmacies close by so it pays to shop around - sometimes they have a special of two for one etc. Also it is a bit expensive - around $17 for shampoo etc however goes a long way.

  • Lesleyg would femfresh be just as good, as that is ph balance and soap free, i use that all the time?

  • Hi Tamirra - it sounds OK. The range of products I'm talking about has everything, body wash, shampoo and conditioner. I think you need to try different ones to find something that doesn't aggravate the skin.



  • Hi lesley

    I have been the same for many years.

    I know have used Tea Tree products from Metique who are an australian online company based in UK. This company are researching into the use of tea tree for skin diseases, infections and cancer.

    They basicly do the full range. Shampoo and shower gel, lotions etc and regularly use the shower gel on the intimate parts

    A little expensive as are a lot of the more medicaly based products, but a little goes a long way.

    Sorry, this is not an advert ;)


  • Hi Andrea

    I was going to ask you about toothpaste - do you use tea tree as well as toothpaste or just straight tea tree. Also, I'm going to check out the website - postage should be cheaper for me.


  • Hi lesley

    I have to use Biotene toothpaste and mouthwash prescribed by my G.P because I have Sjogrens as a secondary condition.

    What I do is put one or two drops of tea tree oil on the toothbrush before using the toothpaste.

    This helps for ulcers and gum disease/inflammation but also kills any germs on the toothbrush itself.


  • Sorry but I just wanted to add

    I use tea tree oil for all sorts of things

    I make up a solution of tea tree oil and warm water and use the cotton wool pads to wash the intimate area's. Including after having a wee etc.

    Also, I add it to my husbands shampoo, conditioner and shower gels etc as he gets psoriasis and dandruff - he loves it as well.

    You can also use it mixed with water in a spray to clean down areas, such as kitchen counters, bathrooms etc.

    As you can see I am a bit of a tea tree freek, but I have found it so helpful with all sorts of problems :)


  • Sjogrens as well! I'm fairly certain I had a Stevens Johnsons reaction to a sulphur cream prescribed for me. Welts down my legs and the skin peeled off my intimate parts! And to add insult to injury the specialist was rude - my GP wouldn't let me go back to him.


  • Hello Lesleyg;

    I do not think that soaps can cause genital ulcers. Why, if the soap all over your body consists of dermatitis. Circulatory disorder that causes arteries and veins of Behcet's Hastarinin I think there are any other factors. Distal regions of the body continues to cause the disease course.

    To discuss

  • Hi Sunset - no I don't think soaps cause the ulcers but do think they aggravate them once they start. Once I'm in a flare even saline solution seems to make the ulcers worse (on my limbs). I haven't tried the tea tree solution as suggested by Andrea though.


  • I thought this thread was going to be about TV soaps :-)

    Aveeno products are available on prescription in the uk. and are excellent for sensitive skin.

    Kingfisher tootpaste is not available on prescription but is very good.

    If you have lesions on the scalp or other skin problems with your scalp, Nizoral or similar shampoos can help - available on prescription in the UK. There are quite a few over the counter similar products so ask your pharmacist for advice before you decide to part with your money.

  • Thanks I've seen some of these products in Australia - what I'm after is a good toothpaste.


  • Darn, I'm always pressing submit before I finish! I meant to add, a referral to a Dermatologist can help with all of these things, they can make recommendations based on what you tell them and what they can see at the time. Other sensible precautions are to use clean cotton flannels and towels for each wash - don't use them twice. Wash them in products suitable for your skin type and separately from other peoples washing if possible. Like wise with bedding as it touches your skin for a long time, and also for any clothes that directly touch your skin if you have problems with sensitivity, lesions, or any of the other skin problems that BD patients can get.

  • This is excellent advice tigerfeet

  • Soap-wise I use Dead Sea Black Mud (from Boots), which doesn't seem to aggravate my skin (which is really bad at the moment, with sore lesions and ulcers around my nose and mouth :-()

    I haven't yet found a toothpaste that doesn't cause agony when my oral ulcers are bad and I have to admit to just not brushing at these times. Yes, my mouth is furry and, yes, my OH tells me my breath smells, but I'm at a loss as to what to use. I might have a play with Tea Tree Oil.

    Nizoral shampoo is brilliant but I think it's contraindicated when you're on some drugs - can't remember what drugs off the top of my head.

  • Hi Di

    When my mouth ulcers are bad I suspect toothpaste as well. Have you tried a mild salty solution? Also do you have anything in UK called SM33? It comes in a gel (no good) and a paint. The active ingredient is rhubarb and I find it helps.


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