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Vaccine & flare

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I had Pfizer covid vaccines and my behcets flare came on with a fury. I had been quiet for over 2 years. Anyone else getting the mRNA vaccines have the same problem? Just finally getting back under control with increased Revlimid & Imuran ( along with Rituxan infusions)

13 Replies I have heard of others not reacting well off Pfizer.

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Lara1 in reply to rooser1

Great article! Thank you for posting it!

Sorry to hear that you are having a hard time. I hope you start t9 feel better soon. I take Humira biweekly. I have chosen not to take the vaccine because I am scared of what it will do. My flares have been well controlled over the last few years, I am terrified of what will happen if I skip doses of medication to take the vaccine. Please let us know how you end up feeling soon.

Take care.

Yup big time ...still dealing with the tail end of a flare ..on no meds for Behcets

Sorry to hear you are having a flare after the vaccine. I had my booster last week and fingers crossed I'm ok. Maybe one mouth ulcer I didn't expect but also it's been full on with children and half term. Not eating the best etc. I have had the Pfizer one 3 times now. The first time I may have had a minor flare but wasn't diagnosed and didn't put two and two together. 2nd one I was recovering from a mega flare and on the last day of steroids. I had some joint swelling and a relapse of Uveitis but honestly can't say if the vaccine had anything to do with it.

3rd one fine.

I'm not on meds for the time being fingers crossed! Xx

I’ve had two Pfizer and have been unwell since. Had a flare afterwards that has taken ages to settle and I have had a headache every single day …. The pain in my head moves to my face around the sinus area and of a night my chest rattles as I breathe. GP says chest is clear but the rattle has been heard by my family too so know I’m not imagining it. I don’t want the third dose, I’ve had the letter reminding me to have it and if they make the vaccine mandatory for NHS staff I might lose my job over it. Seems unfair either way to me. I’m too scared to have the third dose as feel more unwell and weaker since having it !! 🤷🏼‍♀️

Hi, sorry you’ve had such a bad time. I’ve had Pfizer (two doses, due my third) and I’ve had no end of dreadful issues as well but I wasn’t very well to start with, and in between starting a new medication. My Rheumatologist always says that if you have a bad time after your vaccination just imagine how bad it would be if you actually got Covid, and he’s been on the Covid wards, so no matter what I’m getting my third dose, and just had my flu as well which I don’t normally get! I do worry about how much my poor body has been through and the idea of another dose is somewhat depressing but I will definitely be having it.

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deus777 in reply to Mrs-Champers

that's actually not true. I've had covid, and it was mild. my flares are not mild at all. covid is bad if you have comorbidities or are over 80.

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JollyHS in reply to deus777

Respectfully I don’t think You can say ‘that’s not true’ covid effects people differently the same as Behcets does.

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Dan_NY in reply to JollyHS

Very lucky and thankful you had a mild covid. My cousin, who is a nurse and a young strong 21 year old is getting over it now. She actually scoffed at me a year and change ago telling me how foolish I was and if anyone gets covid its only a day or two and not a big deal. She had it the worst of 6 who refused to be vaxed and it did not simply last a day or two and disappear. Another in that household is having serious issues getting out of bed in the morning and living a daily life as he has ZERO energy. He is 55 and is some overweight and some high blood pressure. Does that count as comorbid? If so half the planet counts. So no, it does not only affect over 80 and comorbid. This is direct knowledge, and not someones friends uncles sisters neighbor telling a story.. I am sure others on here have similar stories.

Another one.. my 17 year old nephew is also getting over it. His was somewhat mild, but can be described as an extremely bad flu. He is excellent health, thin, runs track.

I wonder if they had the omicron. Who knows..

I have had 3 pfeizer no bother

I had a flare in response to the booster which was Pfizer, enlarged gland under the arm and a large ulceration at the back of the mouth. It took a week or so to get on top of. Hope you’re feeling better now.

I’ve just had my booster, first two were AstraZeneca and this third was Pfizer plus I had my flu jab as well. Apart from swelling and soreness at the injection site fingers crossed I’m doing okay. Hope you feel better soon.

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