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The worst flare up ever

In this past week my mouth tong, lips gums and throat are coverd in the most painful ulcers I have had...

My skin over my body and limbs are coverd in red yellow lesions... But in the past my face had not been particularly bad, but now I keep getting horrible spits if boils mostly around my nose... I have been referred the the dermatolumetogist next week...

Can this get any worse???

Is there anything I just feel in limbo at the mo...

Is there some sort of detox diet I can hit hard, or any meds I can request from my GP until my appointment?

There must be s way to break down the immune system...

I am a fit 35 year old male sporty and active,

In your experience guys what seems to trigger a flare ups... Good drinks etc

What diet would yous recommend????

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I'm sorry. I feel your pain! I've noticed that things like crusty bread and nuts give me mouth sores, as well as acidic foods. Stress is also a really big factor.

My diet is pretty bland. I eat a lot of Greek Yogurt, oatmeal and simple sandwiches. Your doctor can prescribe medication for the sores. In the meantime, a bath with epsom salts is very soothing. Oh, I drink a lot of protein shakes as well. I also take a lot of vitamins, because I'm sure I'm not getting a balanced diet.

Good luck.

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Autoimmune diet or Paleo Diet. You don't have to be extreme just work towards it.

Can try an elimination diet like that of Sydney's Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Allergy Clinic, Friendly Foods book.

I went even further & eliminated a certain type of white potato I was eating nearly every day & discovered it had been exacerbating severe infected eczema on my hands. My Immuno said was allergy to potatin protein.

I also eliminated coffee altogether & discovered my severe back sores healed up. They were persistent raised red itchy hive like pustular & oozing. Quite shocking really & left scarring.

My diet was supervised by my Immuno/Allergist/Physician & a dietitian.

I haven't eliminated gluten yet but I know I have Coeliac phenotype. It is worth getting tested for Coeliac genetics. I don't have the disease but still could benefit from gluten free diet.

A lot of those with Behcet's seem to benefit from eliminating dairy food. I haven't seriously been able to give this a good try partly b/c I need more calcium due to having osteopaenia & slightly elevated parathyroid hormone.

Stress definitely makes things worse. Good luck!

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Thank you,

Do you believe in warm salt water?

It eye wateringly sore but surely that means it's helping or not... I don't drink much but I am going to have vodka water and ice, no one has recommended it but it is sterile ( I think)



I'm not an expert in soothing of mouth ulcers as I only get them sporadically. Others here have good ideas.

Yes I have used salt water gargles for sore throats though.

Re the distilled drinks like gin, vodka they are supposedly less allergenic.

I find tonic water with a slice of lime helpful/refreshing. Trying to avoid much alcohol as does not go well with certain meds, plus have fatty liver & weight to lose.

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Reply we have thread going on about food triggers

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If u are on Facebook joined the AIP group. They share all the info needed about the autoimmune diet seems to work for most.

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