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Has anyone tried ice on inflamed body parts?

I have tried it and seems to work for me.

I apply those soft ice bags that you put in kids lunch boxes. I use these as they don't freeze rock hard. I only either hold it on for 15-30 seconds or slide them around for a bit till the area feels really cold. The aim isn't to freeze yourself.

I notice a decrease in inflammation around 15-30 minutes after application. Next day where I have used ice always feels much better. I tried ice cream and sucking on ice cubes for mouth ulcers and the same thing happens.

I remember reading that behcet's is a disfunction in heat shock proteins, which is why I tried it. Seemed a little too obvious.

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Yes every time my wrists and ankles act up I use ice. Works wonderfully.

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deus777 in reply to rooser1

How often do you use the ice?

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In a session? I would just keep it on constantly until my ice pack melts tbh. Then take a twenty min break as it freezes again.

Thank you for sharing I will try more often and see if I notice a difference. Certainly ice cubes in mouth is worth a try too.

if anyone tries ice and has success with it, please post and let us know

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