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Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has ever experienced very random infections - first starting with my ear piercing just the one side randomly became infected - the jewelry I’m wearing I’ve had for years and never any problems.. today I woke up and now my nose Piercing is infected... what is going on!?

I also of course have oral ulcers and my hand was swollen/developed the strangest and sorest rash... no

Clue where it came from.

I’m still fairly new and have been off all meds for a few months now. Am I flaring?

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Hi, it sounds like something isn’t right. At the very least I would go and see your GP. When you say you are off all meds is this something you have done or was it under medical supervision? For example if you go off prednisone suddenly it can cause a rebound effect and the disease will come back even stronger. No one likes to take meds but sometimes the alternative is worse. Hugs Lesley

Camp1997 in reply to lesleyg

Hi Lesley I was left just on colchicine and it wasn’t doing anything unfortunately, and I was getting very toxic side effects it was impossible to get to my rheumatologist so I weaned myself off of it. I just had an appointment with him last week and we are starting me on otezla now

lesleyg in reply to Camp1997

Pleased to hear you finally got an appointment. Hope all goes well with the new treatment. Cheers Lesley

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