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Mental fog and migraines


Hi, has anyone else ever had episodes with migraines and mental fog, sweating, etc. Earlier this year I would get random days where I’d wake up with a migraine and mental fog that usually lasted 1-3 days at a time. If so does anyone know what that is indicative of? It hasn’t occurred in several months now.

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Morning 🤗 I was diagnosed in the mid 90’s and have suffered with migraines and mental fog since diagnosis. As Behçets is such a complex condition I’ve never worked out whether the migraines are due to Behçets or not - hopefully someone else might have information on this. At the time of my diagnosis I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which is most definitely the cause of brain fog - haven’t figured a way to deal with this successfully other than it is most definitely worse if I am extremely tired or stressed. Try to make sure you get the rest you need and reduce any long term stressors. Good luck 🤗

Morning! I started having daily headaches a couple of years ago, which progressed to migraine type symptoms. The brain fog/strange sensations started last year. I did some research and both symptoms are common in Behcet's patients. If you look on the Behcet's UK website there is a chart (body map) with all the common symptoms on. There are also some fantastic groups on Facebook where people discuss the many and varied issues we experience. Hope this helps! X

My Migraines started in my 30's (though my Mom had really bad ones for most of her life, until being placed on blood pressure meds) and are particularly horrible when the weather is changing rapidly and my menstrual cycle is revving up. I was diagnosed with Behçet's at 26 and I seem to have the worst symptoms of any of my other family members.

No migraines except one medication induced one. I don’t get many headaches either but I can attest to the fog.

I can say it happens for me when I am not 100-overdoing it. Spotty diet. Poor sleep.

I recently found out that I am b12 deficient which also played a hugeeeee role in it.

Have you had b12 checked?

Hi Mewjersey123

Having had brain fog diagnosed by my then rheumatologist and no mention of medication I discussed this with my neurologist last year, when I described my feelings in my head, the pressure in my face and eyes along with the tiredness and feeling at times very muzzy in my head she told me I had a form of migraine, I don't suffer with headaches very often but this feeling in my head made me honestly feel like I was going mad... She looked at me and said I know from your face that you don't believe me but migraine comes in many forms... anyway we discussed medication options to see if anything would help, first I tried Carbamazepine but this made me have a very upset stomach and so I went on Sodium valproate, both drugs are used for migraines though usually for epilepsy. So far over 6 months and finally settling on a dose I feel ok with my foggy head and feelings in my face and eyes, I can honestly say I rarely get the brain fog or any of the feelings.

Take care


I've had this really maddening cough that doctors couldn't figure out. I got them to try Lyrica for it, which for the most part keeps it away. But the other nice thing that happened with Lyrica was that my migraines went away also. I don't know why, but it just did. It has to do with the nervous system, but how it works with me is a mystery. I take 2x75mg in the evenings and save any bigger doses for when other nerve pain kicks in.

I have severe migraines. Mine cause cognitive problems as well motor issues. They have lasted weeks at a time. I take medication for migraines. I see a neurologist for migraines. I have relief from Aimovig and Remicade. Also verapimil and topiramate. Without this combination I have migraines that cause paralysis in both limbs and severe cognitive issues like stroke symptoms.

I know when I am heading for a bad flare when I get a headache which centres on the top of my head to the right of midline, and if things get worse it then goes round to the back. At times I will get a sharp stabbing pain in the eye. The brain fog is so bad I can’t think straight (have been known to make some bad decisions because of this). Nowadays I just go to bed and can usually sleep off these symptoms in 24-48 hours. It’s interesting that you mention sweating as at times it is so bad I have to completely change my clothes. I’ve never associated these with the headaches so will have to take notice.

I have had migraines since I was 8 years old. I am now 50. Some are very debilitating but I usually have to go to work anyway and work through them because I am a teacher and it is hard to make plans for and get a substitute when a migraine suddenly comes on. I take Reglan at the outset, which is an anti-nausea pill. Sometimes that takes the edge off, strangely. I also take midrin for it, but it is a drug that has to be compounded so it is harder to get. But if I don't catch it right away, I have terrible brain fog. Two years ago, I started getting brain fog without the headaches preceding. I had such bad brain fog that I was holding papers in my hand in my classroom and had no idea what they were for. I was in the middle of a lesson and couldn't figure out what I was teaching. I started blacking out but was able to hold it off and sit down. I looked at my classroom of kids and knew that I should know who they were, but I had no idea what their names were. This happened over and over again and they hadn't been able to figure out what was going on. They first told me I was just too stressed. Then they told me to try some other pills. Then they wanted me to do meditation. Then they wanted me to see a counselor. None of this helped. Finally a doctor gave me aimovog. It is a shot once a month. I take it along with my other migraine meds. It has been somewhat better so the doctor thinks I am having complex migraines which cause the brain fog. However, I also have fibro so I think it is a combination of that and behcets that is causing the problems. Sleep does make a difference. Less stress also does help. It's hard to find a balance and work full time and clean the house and take care of the family and so forth. I hope you find something that works for you. ( I also take 3 high BP meds which seems to help. I take verapamil240mg, Lisinopril 10mg, and Lisinopril 20mg.) Good luck to you and your doctors in figuring something out to help you.

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