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Probable Scam

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I’ve just had a disturbing message sent from a person calling themselves suesuool52 which has all the hallmarks of a scam ie wanting to make me beneficiary of a fortune and could I contact their solicitor etc etc

I wasn’t sure how to contact admin re this, but just be on the look out for scans, even on this website and through private messaging!


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Thanks Lesley. In Rotterdam attending International Conference for Behcet's Disease ICBD 2018. First one I have attended so will be interesting what I pick up. Fractionally nearer you 'Down-under', though not much! Tony

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lesleyg in reply to TonyWT

No worries Tony. Would love to get over to a conference but it’s just that bit too far. Should be very interesting. Cheers Lesley

Thanks for alerting the community. Is it ok if I copy and paste onto a Behcet's FB page as it's a separate group?

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lesleyg in reply to LindsG59

Definitely OK, I don’t have a problem with that at all.

Hi, I have received this private message as well. I am a Member of the NRAS forum here on Unlocked, cheers Deb :)

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I think these scams are everywhere. To me these are a bit too obvious but I only heard of someone the other day being taken in by one.

Me too! I copied /pasted it and reported it. Such a shame. 🤔🙄❤️

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