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Painful Port?


So, when I began IVIG, I insisted on getting a port. My nutrition clinic wanted to put in a PICC, but my deep veins suck, too, and I didn’t love the idea of a PICC when I love baths and have dogs to care for.

Anyhow, the thing was placed in the middle of April, and I still have itching. Now I have pain. I see my doctor tomorrow to make sure it isn’t anything dangerous, and I’m sure they’ll send me to radiology. I’m just curious if other Behcet’s folks have gotten ports and have had issues. There is a concern that I’m just healing slowly, but I’m worried I’m not going to be able to keep it because perhaps I’m rejecting it.

The scar is stretching and I swear I see sutures. I don’t dissolve dissolvable sutures, so it could be those, but it could also be the ones meant to keep it in place. I only have two veins on the sides of my wrists, that are kind of usable. The rest collapse or blow up. Just wondering what others have dealt with!

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Hi dear. I'm sorry that you have to go through all this. He are you holding up. Stay strong. Youre a fighter. Muah**

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