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Spinal fractures and Behcet’s

Hi everyone! So last month I had pneumonia with horrible back pain from coughing so much. They found out that I had a very bad fracture in one of my lumbar vertebrae. They assumed it was a compression fracture mostly likely from osteoporosis (age, meds etc). I just had a bone density test today which came back normal. I rarely take prednisone anymore. So, I’m a bit freaked out now, because I haven’t fallen or had any trauma to my back. I’m wondering if it’s the Behcet’s....possibly from decreased blood flow to that vertebrae that made it weak and then it fractured. Does anyone have any experience or insight with this? The orthopedist is puzzled and I am in between rheumy’s....thank you!

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Hi Chrissy

I am sorry to hear of your recent illness. I hope you are starting feel better, aside from your spinal fracture... i am glad your Dexa scan was good! Unfortunately getting a fracture or or sprain from coughing is more common than we think. It is the repetive nature lf the cough that cases it. And you possibly could have had a fracture or before the pneumonia; just not prominate. From when you were on Prednisone in the past and when you had this the bout lf pnumonia it exaserbated/highlighed it.

I hope this offers you some peace of mind and your physical pain goes away soon.




Thank you Ash, it actually does give me peace of mind. I never thought about possibly having a small fracture previously and also the repetitiveness of the coughing (which was violent, for days on end). Thank you for responding! Christine


Behçet’s absolutely can kill bone and cause arthritis and joint damage. The tiny blood vessels can get inflamed and cut off blood supply. Have your doctor check bone marrow function for any gradual or sudden changes. I have psoriatic arthritis that I believe is tied to Behçet’s. My doctors think this could be, but it hasn’t been investigated thoroughly.


Oh boy.... that’s what I’ve been trying to understand and I can’t find anything on the internet. It makes total sense, the blood vessels get inflamed and cut off circulation to major organs, why not the bones? And I’ve been having bilateral intermittent flank pain since last summer which I thought were my kidneys but my kidney function test and ultrasound were normal. It’s weird because I spoke with the radiologist after my dexa yesterday and he told me that he had never seen a fracture like this.... the spinal surgeon implied the same thing. I’m seeing a new rheumatologist today. I was diagnosed with PSA also, a few years before they realized I had Behcet’s. I don’t even know if I have PSA....I’ll keep you posted here, good for everyone to learn about. Thank you! Chrissy


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