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Shoulder Blade to Lower Right Arm

I'm currently 21 years old, in a course at college. I've been having sharp pain, and numbness along with tingling running from my left shoulder blade to my right that makes it's way down my right arm and immobilizes. I'm nervous to tell my doctor this because it will affect my schooling since I'm going through for Policing. Can anybody tell me what this is. At points in time I feel dizzy and faint.

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Any pain in your chest/shoulder shouldn't be taken lightly. I would recommend calling your emergency number (I'm not sure where you are) or visiting the emergency department of your hospital straight away. There are many things that can cause pain in the chest, upper arms and shoulders.

I was having severe pains in my shoulder a couple of weeks back, and when I breathed it felt like I was being stabbed in the back. I went to the emergency department, and was seen to straight away. They carried out an ECG, did some blood test and x-rays and determined there was nothing of concern. They did advise me that I made the best decision going to the hospital, as it did present as something that could have been serious, however was likely to have been cause by inflammation around my heart or lungs.

You should not be worried about it affecting your schooling. It could be as simple as a pulled muscle, which in no way will affect your ability to become a police officer. However, if it was something more serious, like a heart problem, then you would want to get this seen to right away, regardless of your plans for the future.

Please go to emergency asap. Any doctor would also recommend you did the same. If you aren't going to, at least call a hotline in your area that has nurses available, you can provide them details of your symptoms and they will recommend the best course of action.

I hope all goes well.



Very painful, yes.

I have shoulder pain left side arm pain left side. And ankle pains plus lateral knee pain left side

My Reumatologist told that is because of becehets. And noticed. That most of my symptoms are on the left side.

( nerves system , Kreislauf , )

It comes and goes take Ibuprofen

When needed.

Just don’t like to take opioid which don’t help for me for information and joint pain.

Take care

And see you doc if you can not take it anymore



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