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Hi all, hope you'reall as well as can be. My daughter is being investigated for a inflammatory disease for the past 5 years now. I have just been diagnosed for behcet's disease. She has most of the symptoms I have. And I know starting to think she is also getting genital ulcers too, as she is always complaining about pain in that area. But I wanted to ask if anyone gets recurrent conjunctivitis? As she is always catching it.

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I had pink eye a lot as a kid, and into adult hood. Thing is- Im really not sure now if it was conjunctivitis or scratched corneas. As an adult, Ive scratched my cornea so many damn times as my eyes are on the VERY dry side (i even have punctal plugs to help sweep tears across). But both are very similar and actually use the same treatment- Neomycin Poly B drops. But yeah- I had the watery crusty eyes, and they were red and irritated. Just started to question it as an adult when messing with my contacts that it seemed to be weird that it happened so much.

The only difference now is that i dont rub my eyes AT ALL- hence how i was scratching the cornea. SO ive been good for a really long time now.

Hope that helps?


Thank you rooser1, I just feel like she always has red eyes with green/yellow crust and every time I take her to the doctors all they say it's conjunctivitis and they precribe a antibiotics eye drops. When I try to explain that I actually think it's to do with her illness they look at me like I'm that crazy mother. She hasn't been feeling very well latley and when I ask them to check for the HLA 51 it came back positive last week. But they still don't want to diagnosed her with behçet's disease. Even though she gets ulcers in her mouth, her ankle and knees swell up. Has diarrhoea with mucus and blood her CRP are over 25, the list is endless and with me recently been diagnosed with behçet's. They want to question how and what test they did to diagnosed me with behçet's.


Since shes at the eye dr's have them do the slit lamp test. That tests for inflammation. If that comes back, i mean youve got 2 major symptoms to have a diagnosis of BD. I saw over 18 doctors when I was getting diagnosed. Some thought I was a cheating whore- no lie- gave me an exam and called me nasty....etc. some just didnt know. Fight for yourself and your daughter. Find another opinion and keep EVERYTHING written down clearly with dates.

In the meantime, I dont know if youve seen my posts about dietary change: but i had one mom on here take my advice and go sugarfree/carb free (also dairy free on her own choice) for her kid of like 8? Within one month he was on the up and up. Its worth a try, thats what got me back to better than normal.

Good luck and keep us posted.


I used to get it a lot as a kid - I have vivid memories of waking up in the morning with my eyelids glued together.


Hi Dolores. Yes I periodically get Conjunctivitis, just appears for no reason and can disappear just as randomly. Each bout lasts around 5 - 7 days. I can go many months between bouts. Rightly or wrongly I don't even bother the doctors any more, just get on with life.


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