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Guys can you help,

I am getting more symptoms as the years go on... do any of you get a red hot face across the face and nose, I have worked outdoors for 20 years or on the coast (high salty winds) but only this past year have developed this red glowing burning face it is realy becoming a serious issue... my moth ulcers have not been as bad the past month but some of the flares are shocking, my body and face are a mess with these skin lesions, they are particularly bad around my nose I don't get loads at once on my face but they can be very big bright red and realy swelling... I might put some pics up.

I have been waiting to see a rheumatologist for months... I also get lower back pain and 4 or 5 times a year my neck pulls to one side with extreme pain in neck and back...

I have thought it must be bd for years but maybe it's lupus with the red burning face???

I have bad psoriasis on elbows knees , knucklesand sometime face... so it definitely some sort of autoimmune Disease but I feel like I have so many symptoms...

Do any of you share al these symptoms??? Are anti-inflammatory drugs any good??

Thanks in advance

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Hi Hampo81, You may want to keep a good log of your symptoms, along with a timeline as this might be useful when finding the right consultant to help you get the right diagnosis. You will find more information on the symptoms of BD here: behcets.org.uk/wp-content/u... Good luck in finding the right diagnosis and treatment. Best wishes.


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