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Burning sensation on the skin



I am currently having a bit of a flare (last week sore mouth and small joints were really sore, this week genital ulcers and hip/back pain). New this time though is the pain i am getting in my thighs - both legs suffering from a combination of "dragging" pain through the thighs and a burning pain at the front top of thighs, like a nasty graze. There are no visible signs on the skin, just wondered if this is something that others have had and if anyone's got any tips other than ibuprofen and distraction!

Also, while i'm at it, anyone developed asthma-like symptoms since having Behcets?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Saramae70 Sorry to hear you are having a flare and new symptoms. Do speak to your GP or consultant about the asthma like symptoms. You can see links to various factsheets on Behcet's here: behcets.org.uk/information-... wishing you well.

I wonder if its vasculitis? Just not visible. I vet so many sensations I can't explain. Its maddening.

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