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Teeth pain and leg aches

I am having a flare up of a few ulcers and some genital tenderness but the worst two things are that my legs have been aching just under the skin from the knees down. It's just enough that it is hard to sleep, but a hot bath helps. Also my front bottom four teeth just hurt and ache. It's happened before but I want to know if anyone has anything that will help

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I take Apple Cider Vinegar at dinner just a spoonful in a cup of juice. It tastes strong, but now that I have been taking for a while I am used to it and enjoy the taste. It has really helped. It is a natural anti inflammatory.

The raw organic version with the "mother" is the best.


I've found this helps greatly...also notice a deterioration if I don't take the Fultium vit d regularly...am so grateful that I'm well at present.Wish everyone the best...keep strong!


Hi, I had terrible leg pain and also horrendous problems with my back teeth for months. I had a vitamin D test and it showed that I was very deficient. I now take vitamin D every day and less in the summer. All my leg and foot pain has gone and touch wood by teeth are behaving. Hope this helps, worth a try.

PS lack of Vitamin D causes Ricketts



I am sorry you are having such a hard time. Ice packs help me. I went on Amazon a purchased these cooling socks ( my issue is my feet) and I suck on ice and drink cooled smoothmoth tea which has anti- inflammatory properties.

Hope this helps!


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