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A newbie to the site as only just been diagnosed, despite having had some of the symptoms, as have so many others, for numerous years.

Having read so many other stories I realise that I have the condition relatively mildly.

My diagnosis came via an ophthalmologist whom is treating my Posterior bi-lateral Uveitis. The diagnosis came about as after the Uveitis treatment was withdraw I started experiencing many of the typical signs and symptoms of Behcet's. The condition has been muted in the past but because the Uveitis treatment coshed the symptoms it was never followed through.

Long story short, the signs and symptoms were kept at bay by a medication called Humira (Adalimumab), more effective than Prednisolone (Corticosteroid) with far fewer, almost nil, side effects.

Has anyone else been prescribed Humira and what effects has it had? Is it a routine Behcet's prescription?

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I was Humira for 6 months unfortunately it didn't not work for me . But I'm glad it's working for you .

I'm for the UK so it's not normally the first choice for behcets as it cost the NHS a lot of money . But they gave you it first which is great as you don't have to go through loads of other meds and be used like a test subject .


Hi Rachel

Thank you. Yes I believe that i'm quite lucky with Humira's positive effect and minimal sides, sorry it's not working for you. Hope your sides are controlled.

I only accessed the Humira, firstly on a drug trial then as an off script treatment,for treating my Uveitis, just fortunate it managed other conditions as well. Recently been taken off the Humira as the Uveitis has settled and now on Prednisolone for the Bechet's symptoms. Although the Humira works well, in most cases, its expensive so definitely not a first choice treatment, however in time that will change.


Hi Dogwind,

I hope you dont mind me asking but where did you get your name tag from? Is it something mystical like an Apache or Cherokee Indian name or is it something you suffer through from a favourite family pet ? Lol. 😷

Either way it made me giggle which is always good !

Take care,

X xx


HI Xandii

Glad it brought a smile to your face. No, nothing deep and profound, just came about as a result of my dogs input, or should it be output, to proceedings.

Ian x

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