Behcets and thrush

Hello, I was diagnosed with Behçet's disease about 3 to 4 years ago. I originally has genial sores and the doctor had said it was herpes. I was devastated..... they had taken a biopsy and the results came back negative that I did not have herpes. They didn't relate know what I had in the beginning. It was probably the hardest time for me. My doctor than determined it could be behcets and she recommended me to a rheumatologist. Since there is not really a test he reviewed my symptoms and determined that I had Behçet's disease. I have been on multiple medications (steroids). I have been on and off humira. I mainly suffer from mouth sores, body aches and thrush! Currently I am suffering from major thrush I question what causes it and how I could prevent it?

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  • Have they done tissue typing? Ask to have your HLA B 51 tested.

    Why humria? Has Lupus and MS been ruled out?

  • Yes they have both been ruled out. Hurmira is what was working for me... but the pain for the injection was getting to be too much so I try to just deal with my flare up differently now

  • Hi. One thing I came across recently is if your zinc is low it can cause this. I would have a blood screen for any deficiencies. I too have Behcet's. I am currently in remission due to treatment. But I have low b12 and zinc possibly because of treatment was on. I don't have thrush. But my sister also haa low zinc and she has been plagued by it. It us worth looking at the basic stuff which can sometimes be overlooked.

  • Hi, so sorry that you are feeling so awful. Firstly I had terrible aches and pains in my body. I was tested to see how much vitamin D I had and I was very deficient, subsequently I now take a supplement ever other day to keep my levels up. My aches and pain especially my bone pain has nearly gone. I also take Manuka honey every morning 12+ or 15+ this helps with the inflammation. With regards to mouth ulcers I use a natural toothpaste Aloe Vera Forever Bright, or any other natural toothpaste as it does't irritate the mouth when it is sensitive. This seems to work really well and have not had mouth ulcers for nearly 3 years. Used to have between 25/30 consistently used to pull me down with the pain. I would also suggest that you keep a diary as this may well show that eating or drinking something in particular could be causing the thrush and the ulcers. Alcohol especially wine gives me thrush so I don't drink it very often now. These are just some of the things that I have tried over the years, had my first flare 40 odd years ago. What you have to do is listen to what your body tells you it really does know best. It really is trial and error, what may work for one may not work for somebody else, but using natural products you don't get the side effects and if they don't work you can just move on. All the best xx

    I forgot to say don't use soap for washing as this will irritate things, coconut is very soothing, use a body wash organic if possible. Natural yogurt to put on will help, can eat it as well. Wash under garments in a natural product will certainly help. Give at least 3 months for things to settle down. xx

  • i also get thrush alot , the only thing i do is use the nystatin rinse as necessary, treating the symptoms as they come, but it is a indicator of yeast so maybe try reducing the amount of yeast in your diet ?? i wish i had answers just suggestions. feel better

  • I got thrush from antibiotics and prednisone. Thrush is a fungus. Your doctor can give you meds to clear it up.

  • Some super responses and tips and hope they help. You may also want to discuss this with your GP or consultant to explore the cause and possible different treatments. Good luck.

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