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To Pee or not to Pee .... That is the question!

Okay, so I have seen posts from ladies in particular but I'm sure there are some gents as well that may benefit from this so here goes ! Lol

When we get those nasty ulcers 'down below' many people advise that it is least painful when you can pee in the bath. I used to use the shower myself and by spraying the nozzle at the same time as peeing it diluted the urine enough to take the nasty sting out of the whole process. The only problem with this is that you have to undress from the waist downwards and dry yourself off every time you need a pee which , if it is your only option, is a great solution.

However, it wasn't long before I started to look for alternatives and I discovered that you can buy a spray that you attach to the water pipe behind the loo and by aiming it at your affected area while sitting on the loo, it had the same effect as popping in the shower without all the need to undress etc...

The spray is generally used by many people specifically from the Asian community and is called a WUDU spray. You may have seen them in very posh hotels abroad in places like Thailand ?

If you look at the auction sites on the internet you will see that you can buy a good range of this spray in all sorts of finishes to match your decor and once installed by tapping in to the water pipe behind the loo it is ready to use and is very helpful for ulcers around the back passage that we also get. They range from about £5 to £25 but all do the same thing and some have the attachment that clicks in directly to the main pipe so you don't even need a plumber. To be honest any reasonable DIY enthusiast could fit this very easily by just adding a three way connection and the pipe that leads to the spray head is basically the same as the shower ones we see all the time.

I have them in all my bathrooms now and find them very useful even for cleaning the loo when doing my housework !

Anyway .... I hope I have inspired some of you to have a look and maybe invest in this simple piece of equipment that will give you so much relief and is just so convenient.

Take care all !

Big hugs xx

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Hi and hope you don't mind a lady's advice. I've also passed this on to my female friends and it's a simple and easy idea that you could even take out with you. A right sized plastic container to pee in then empty into the toilet.

And, at least it is portable!!!

Good luck gents



Hi Billi,

Any suggestion are always welcome !

Have a look back on my profile for the post I wrote three years ago on portable bidets! They're fabulous yo use front or back and great for appointments where the consultant want yo have a look at the ulcers and you can have a nice freshen up before and after.

They're pretty cheap and are made to fit in most handbags so they are no problem to carry and all bathrooms have running water so you're fully equipped and ready to go !

Take care,

Big hugs xx

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This is brilliant advice! As a man I can confirm that this will make a big difference for us too! I have already located them on eBay and will purchase one as soon as I can be sure it will be easily fitted - I am not a DIY-er by any stretch of the imagination, so don't know where to start with this, but I'm sure I can find someone to help.

Thank you very much for sharing!

Kind wishes,

Will :D


Glad to help !

The WUDU spray is easy to do ..... I did mine myself and I'm not practical at all. Lol. I just know you will really get the benefit from it. I just connected mine to the cold water pipe which I find really refreshing on the sore bits as it soothes at the same time.

Just one tip if you are thinking of getting the portable bidet. Please don't be tempted to add anything to the water once you have filled it from the tap. I had the fabulous idea of adding a dilute antiseptic to help with the ulcers.

I still have the claw marks deeply embedded in the ceiling and neighbours still talk of the horrific unusual screams they heard one day that sounded like a pig having its testicles removed with two bricks ! Lol

Take care,

Big hugs xx


No laughing matter, but I did chuckle at your pig reference.

Reminds me of having a shower last week and I had let my Painkillers run to zero to assess the neuropathy and the individual jets from the shower felt like my body was being stabbed with needles. Especially down below but being incontinent it had to be done. My bathroom is downstairs next to neighbour's garden, and I kept intermittently howling with the shock of water on my body but it sounded like I was taking 100 lashes in the dungeon with that intermittent whooping noise.

And off topic, but scientifically, what on earth is going on when shouting out actually seems to help with pain? It's non voluntary when the pain is bad. When I got sudden onset of very bad pain I kept hiccuping and involuntarily sucking in air, and releasing a bit of pee with each acute stabbing but docs still thought I was just hyperventilating by choice!


I have pituitary failure so pee a lot with icontinence and although that is inconvenient it does mean my pee is fairly dilute so less likely to sting like you poor ladies. However, as I am not able to use my hands/arms properly I cannot wipe in that area. So I had actually looked at options for remote washing in the toilet.

I have had a grant to put a shower toilet put in, that either with a press of an elbow, or with me a pressure pad (under foot or in hand) can squirt water at my bits as long as I need it in order to wash and dry me and would feasibly work for those of you who just find peeing and toilet paper adding to the problem. Sometimes when things are a bit sore down below it is lovely to sit on the loo and just have gentle cool water going over the area. It also dries you with a warm air blower which is less abrasive than a towel or toilet paper. You can adjust the temp of the water, but if it is warm it gradually runs out until water goes cold. You control how long it continues to shower you. When you have had enough you let go of the pump switch and the air blower comes on, if you don't want warm air blowing you or want to stop it it stops as soon as you take weight off the seat. Also the pressure pads that shower you do not work unless you are fully seated on the loo, so other members of the family won't accidentally spray themselves as the flush works as a normal loo if you are standing and flush.

These shower toilets (I have a Closomat one) are expensive, but I was able to get assistance from my borough and they put one in. All that you need is a clear medical need for a shower toilet (or a cultural one). You can apply for one via your Occupational Therapy units. I know of some Muslims living in council paid private accomodation, who need to do ritual washing who could not afford to put a shower loo in and didn't want to use the cheaper alternatives, who were able to get a council adaptation grant as they demonstrated a clear need for one. That leads me to think that a person who suffers from BD with ulcers below should most definitely be able to prove that a toilet will help them medically and get assistance. It is not a huge major job, they wire it into existing electrics and also the water for the showering comes directly from the mains.

Can you imagine on a hot summer's day, coming in from the garden, having a pee whilst being showered in cool water and then gently dried off with no abrasive loo paper? That could be you if you contact your borough gives you a grant.

A word of warning though, it can take a while to get it approved. I applied for my toilet grant in 2002 and got the toilet put in in 2013. Originally, someone had misinformed the nature of the work and said it would be a major upheaval so someone living here didn't want it done, then I was told you can't move it from house to house and twould have to pay for it if I moved (not quite correct) and was told I had to be on higher rate DLA all components (which was also not quite correct)....we got there in the end!

However, I now have the problem that I can't really go out to certain places because the loo can't come with me! I get inflammatory bowel trouble, and without full use of arms/hands it is not possible to go out on certain days as it is too messy. Also, the disability in my arms that stops me from being able to reach and wipe is not tall that apparent to the public and I do need to use a disabled loo to be able to get into positions and reach as best I can, and I need plenty of running water to clean up before I pull up my pants etc...but it is difficult to explain this to the public, who have on occasion angrily banged on the disabled loo door because they assume only wheelchair users should be using such a toilet and I am not disabled. I wish they would do some sort of National loo disability card or awareness. The worst people for shouting at me for using disability things are other people with a leg disability, they think if they cant see the problem there isn't one. And it does mean I prefer to stay indoors if I know a place is going to be busy.


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