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Pregnancy and c-section

Hi, my daughter is 7 weeks pregnant and very happy that she is, she had a c-section with her first pregnancy due to problems but this time she is wanting a water birth due to less stress to the body in labour, has any ladies here had a water birth and found it helped with the stress limits to the body, also i have read that c-sections are not ideal for behcets patients due to the healing process post operative. Any help appreciated. Thank you.

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Congratulations to your daughter! Still early days - hope all going well and nausea and tiredness not too big an issue.

No experience of water births myself, but one friend was very keen on hypno- and waterbirths and achieved this with support of her local NHS midwife-led unit in a pool within hospital.

My preference, with my Behcet's , was consultant-led care through both pregnancies. Risk of flare-up is immediately after giving birth, so they arranged some Iv steroid doses then and 2 days post-delivery and all went well. Happy mum, happy baby....and then the realities of taking a newborn home :)

Hope you find a range of experience from other mums with Behcet's to help your daughter plan her care.


Thankyou for your reply. Xx


Hi, welcome and congrats. I have suffered with BD for over 30 years and had 2 babies whilst having BD without knowing what was wrong with me.

Ipoh pregnancies were absolutely great, no nausea or their probs but I have to have C sections and the only kind back then was with full anaesthetic . All went well and I fed all my children for at least a year and as is often the case with pregnancy/ birth with an autoimmune disease no probs at all.

The only thing I would consider in your daughters place is ...seeing as she has already had a C section are they happy for her to go with normal birth and if she has any worries nowadays they use different anaesthetics and you can stay awake. Just a few weeks ago my daughter-in-law had a beautiful baby boy, her first and she had the water birth which she said was fantastic!!! She had a good pregnancy and a great labour to birth about 4 hours in total!!!! Lucky or

Hope this helps main thing is not to stress and I wish your daughter a great pregnancy and birth.



Thankyou Billi, morning sickness is a problem at the moment, but will keep all crossed for her, she is under Prof. Fortunes COE so she is in good hands. X



Many congrats to your daughter. I have had quite severe complications from my Behcets for 30 years but whilst these were treated the underlying causes were not. My son has been a great blessing to us and has survived my various spells in hospital and emerged as a very compassionate young men.

I was fortunate to have this one pregnancy and in fact your immune system is damped down during pregnancy to stop you rejecting the part of the baby which is not you. As you say, the problems can come after the pregnancy. I had to have forceps and the stitches you have to have can be extremely painful when inflamed so you can imagine what mine were like for me, on zero steroid or other Behcet treatment. One thing which did help was a trick of the midwives to help all mothers with painful stitches and one I occasionally use for painful ulcers even now. The midwives fill the fingers only of thin gloves they use (nice unused ones of course!) with water by filling each finger individually and creating a knot between the finger and palm part of the glove. Once done they pop in freezer. Once frozen, they cut the fingers from the gloves thus created 5 perfectly shaped ice packs for such issues ( Sorry-Not one for the chaps this!).

A good tip for ulcers and new mums with stitches!

Perhaps, even with consultant led care, a water birth may be possible if done in a main hospital rather than at home or a cottage/community hospital. Definitely worth asking about but I , like Billy did opt for consultant care and water births were not on offer in NHS then.

Good luck to your daughter and it's great she has the support of a world renkown and very caring professor as well as her obstetrics team. It's good to see progress like this in the treatment of our unfortunate disease even if we sill do not have a cure or even treatments which are always effective.

Best wishes to you both,



Thankyou for the great gloves idea, will def pass this one on to her. Keep well. Xx


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