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Oesophagus not working

I know it is an odd title but at least it is attention getting. A friend's sister has an unknown autoimmune disease where her oesophagus has stopped working. She is very sick as well as not having lot of support without a proper diagnosis. Has anyone heard of anything like that? I'd like to get some information for her if I can. In some ways it sounds like Bechet's but not in others.

Regards Lesley

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Hi Lesley,

The auto immune disease that springs immediately to mind is myesthenia gravis as its renound for causing swallowing difficulties.

Other diseases such a sjorgens can cause problems as well.

I hope your friends sister gets a diagnosis/ help soon


Scleroderma is one that comes to mind. Only because I've been researching it because I have some systemic Raynaud's-like condition going on.



Thanks for your replies guys. Her sister is very concerned and at least it will give her something to read up on. It sounds like the doctors aren't doing much at all, but of course I'm getting this second hand.

Cheers Lesley


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