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Hello, I was recently diagnosed with behcet syndrome and on one hand I am feeling relieved cause now I know what's wrong, but I am confused cause I haven't encountered anyone who has the same condition. It's hard to find a doctor who can explain better and who won't seem like you are such a pain. Currently my eyes arw very red and inflamed, luckily my opta is good, I wish there is a community here in UAE, so I won't feel so alone. Anyone here from this part of the world?

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Sorry I'm not form UAE but you are now a part of our special little community !!

Please don't feel isolated ! We are all here to support you and answer questions or just to talk about things in general which we all do from time to time.

Stay in touch with the group and you will soon learn a lot more about the condition and probably make friends sooner than you think.

Good luck and take care !




Thank you, I really appreciate all the help that you guys have given me. It's really hard since not everyone is aware of the condition, thus it's hard to explain. And all the help, support & information has been amazing.

Thanks :)


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