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The seventeen my girl last year in September, suffered a median uveitis and therefore we did a series of tests. All were normal, except for the ANA was 1/160. Now that we repeated, everything was ok except ANA was 1/320. He never had any symptoms except thrush in mouth from which he derived from small. I forgot to mention that it came in B51 exam. I would ask you to tell me your opinion, since there are no symptoms! Sorry for my english ... but I am from Greece! Thanks in advance!!!

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The hla b51 gene test can be positive for behcets patients, but it can also be negative. I don't have the gene, but have behcets.

if you go on the website

there is lots of information about the criteria for behcets diagnosis


Just wondering since that has no symptoms except thrush in the mouth, we did not have problems ... like a professor said a doctor. I do not know whether to trust his opinion! I live in stress! I am desperate !!!!


I'm not sure as behcets can mimic other autoimmune diseases

Let me put some links here with the symptoms and all you have to do is click on the link


Thank you very much!!!


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