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Sinus Tachycardia

Just been told after several tests, symptoms etc that I do have Bechets. Now trying out yet another concoction of tablets.

The thing that is worrying me is for the last few days I have felt like im going to pass out, fast heartrate and chest pain and generally feeling like a piece of poo! Took myself to the docs today and been told I have sinus tachycardia and been put on beta blockers to try to slow it down.

The doctors said he doesnt think it has anything to do with my heart but from research I have read I believe it does. Going to see the heart doc on Wednesday.

Does anyone else suffer with their heart?

Thanks Kezzle

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Hi Kezzzle

Sorry to hear you are feeling so unwell. I had a run of sinus tachycardia but in the end it settled down when I was put on humira to settle my severe behcet flare including eye problems (hence humira). Quite a few people on this site have had this sinus T. problem - I did read an explanation of how behcet's could cause it but can't quite remember it - i also think it can just be a sign of being unwell for me.

Yours could be something quite different - hence importance of visit to heart person - best person to see, but just wanted you to know you are not alone with this symptom if heart dr does not find anything specific.

Best wishes, and good luck when you see the specialist



Yes i have suffered with my heart at my early 20s im 41 now and doctors don't get it is a problem in behcets .i have it with a lot of my flare's.breathless fast heart.i had one bad time my arms went numb cold and pain in chest .iv been in hospital lots of time with these problems they are very scary and very real .doctors can't seem to help with it.i known now that it is a part of the illness well it is for me,it is hard to live with i just rest now as much as i can i have no choice it brings me to a bad news and I just know how you wishes


Dear Kezzle, I have Behcet's, interstitial lung disease, and heart problems. My heart problems consist of, tachycardia, pericarditis, left ventrical hypertrophy and pulmonary hypertension. I am on cozaar and propranolol which has stopped the tachycardia. My cardiologist says my heart problems are because of Behcet's. I think he is correct and I think my pulmonary fibrosis is also from Behcet's. My pulmonologist however says my lung problems are not from Behcet's. It is very difficult to get answers and then getting the same answers from doctors seems equally hard. Bottom line though, when you have critical symptoms such as chronic tachycardia you focus on a remedy and work on the cause later. I wish you well and hope your tachycardia is better soon.



Hi Kezzle,

Just a thought. A number of people on the Behcets Facebook site have autonomic problems causing tachycardia, blackouts etc. Google POTS and see if your symptoms are similar.

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Just as fyi, I too have had the racing heart, feeling like it's going to jump out of my chest and that i might collapse or pass out. Everytime it happens, I'm flaring. No monitors have caught it, only my home BP cuff catches the high rate when i feel somethings up. Activity doesn't always play a factor as I've woken up fr a dead sleep with chest pain and resting heart rate of about 100 and caught it as high as 175!!

I too totally think it's Behcet's related. I've already have consulted a cardiologist 12 yrs ago who ignored the behcet's and told me, " this is common in young women-next time, hold your breath and bear down. You better sit when you're doing that as you may pass out. That should reset your heart rate". How useful was that info??!!

Being in the medical field myself, the study about 'Behcet's and heart rate recovery index being impaired' makes sense to me. I do not believe it is due to medications or that I'm female! I'm old what's my excuse?? Lol...

Well that's MY professional opinion and I think you too are correct-BD related! I just wish all these specialists that are consulted would take 10 min to look up BD and how it can affect the system I'm seeking assessment for PRIOR TO US WALKING THROUGH THE DOOR! Frustrating indeed!! Good luck to you!

Take care:)

Nurse Crunchy


I'm so happy I ran across this post! I've had racing heart for years, rushed to ER a couple of times and was given something to slow it down. I get regular EKG's and have been told my heart is fine... So I guess it races when I flare. At least now I know I'm not alone!!! 😄


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