Ankle peroneal Tendonitis

Has anyone had difficulty with tendonitis? I developed peroneal ankle tendonitis just after bilateral pulmonary embolisms. My activity level was very limited with balance my PT goals. I have had a hip fracture and replacement on the opposite leg and now I am developing groin and knee pain on the leg with the tendonitis. I have been in a walking boot for a month with no improvement, in fact it seems to be getting worse. Anyone have any experience with this situation or suggestions?

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  • Have you had an ultrasound on your leg to exclude DVT?

  • I have had achilles tendonitis in both legs and ankle tendonitis on the right. I have had it for three or four years. For me, it tends to flare up and settle down along with my other symptoms. Have also had wrist and elbow tendonitis but not as frequently. I suffered achilles tendon rupture on the right as well. I find that prescription anti inflammatory cream helps with pain and stiffness but I have never truely gotten rid of it completely. I did have dramatic relief after a course of prednisone (taken for an eye problem)

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