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Careful if posting from new software updat

Don't know if many have upgraded to the new software but the privacy button for your post to either go to "everyone" or "community" doesn't work properly at the moment and so you cannot post on this forum only. Grrrrrrrr. I have let them know but who knows when it will be sorted

possibly be best not to upgrade until it these issues are sorted as it means your postings are not private to the behcets group.

Hope this makes sense :)

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Well done Andrea!!!! Where would we non techies be without you. I take it private messages are ok? I sent a message yesterday as I am recieving 2/3of all posts, this also happened last time they messed about. What happened to 'if it's not broken, why fix it' lol lol.



Private messages are o.k....It is only when posting or asking a question.




Thanks for letting us know andrea


Just testing in case it has been fixed


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