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Heat intolerance anyone?

Hi y'all,

I was wondering if any other Behcet's sufferers ever have heat intolerance.

I am 99.9% sure that I have Behcet's; just racking up the points, lol. But one thing I haven't seen mentioned in BD, that is common in MS patients, is the lack of energy I feel when temperatures rise. I simply melt in the heat! I wonder if that is a separate problem that I have, r if it is also a common problem in BD as well...any thoughts?

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Hi I don't know the answer but I have suffered with BD for thirty years now. Initially we were living in the Middle East (very hot) and it wasn't a problem . Now 20 years later I spend most time in UK but do spend at least 4 months away and still the heat is not a problem In fact it helps with all my aches and pains which is why we go away. I know few sufferes on the site feel the same as me and try to get away to the Warm as much as possible.




Hi Billi, I am brand new to this site, in the process being diagnosed with BD, however, after reading peoples' comments here I am almost positive it's that and that I have been suffering from it for years! My question to you you think it may have a relation to the fact you lived in the middle east that you have this syndrome as it is more prevelant in those countries? I too lived in the middle east when I was in my early twenties, just a thought.


It's only been a problem for me since I started the medication, before this I loved the heat x


I have had heat intolerance for the past 4 years. I have to have a fan on me the entire time (and I mean the entire time). It was like this long before I started any medication. The summer is awful for me.

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My daughter finders that once its over 25o she starts to feel exhausted, when its 38o inside only. Not that it creates a flare just odd swellings, eg lip full and hot.

The worst times seem to be change in seasons.


I have had BD since I was a child (over 40 years ago) but wasn't diagnosed till I was 37. All my life I have hated hot weather, finding it absolutely exhausting and causing my joints to ache a lot more. Unlike most people I dread the summer but am very happy through the winter which makes me a bit of an oddball amongst friends and family! Whether it's due to BD or not I don't know but at least I live in England so the hot spells are a lot less frequent than the cold although due to my age I have plenty of 'personal hot spells' every day at the moment! It's good to know that I'm not the only person in the country who melts in warm temperatures although I know that's no help to you x


Hi yes i suffer with this pretty bad I hate the hot weather it makes me tired an achey an I get the worse headaches I hide from the sun lol I find the shadiest part I can if were outdoors x


When it's hot outside I feel sick pretty quickly, and my skin won't get sun tan at all, summer for me is inside during the day full ac and fan.


Thank you very much for your posts. I thought I was the only one too...but now I know better ha ha. I live in Texas; get's VERY hot down here. No fun at all.


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