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Help needed from everyone who attends a Behcet's Centre of Excellence in England

This is a message to everyone on this site who uses one of the Behcet's Centres of Excellence at London, Liverpool or Birmingham. Your Society is currently working on a bid to increase the provision of Support Workers at each of the Centres to provide further help to patients with Behcet's. We'd like some feedback on the Centres themselves from a medical point of view and also whether you've found the Support Worker being in the Centre helpful. This could include that you spoke to the Support Worker (Jean, Janine or Carol) in clinic, attended a Support Group they'd organised or had some help with a benefits application. Please could you send your comments to and where they will be treated in confidence.

Many thanks for your support on this and we look forward to hearing your comments!

Jan x

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Thank you so much for keeping us in touch with what is going on in the C.O.E centres. It is so important that we keep the funding going for this service. The Support workers are just as important as the consultants that we see.

I don't actually attend any of the COE Centres but feel they are an important side and point of contact with of our on going treatment.

Hope you get the support and funding that you need


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