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Should i be rushing to A&E?

Hi everyone!!

2 nights ago, i woke up (not weird.) I was completely blind (Pretty weird.. but im getting used to that..) And i could feel one side of my face. It was completely numb. Not tingly.. not painful. Numb. I stayed calm and took a little walk. My headache was still there.. as was my eye pain. But i couldnt feel my face AT ALL. I ended up falling asleep again.. and when i woke up i was back to normal.. However the tip of my tongue is still numb. Its making it rather embarressing to say "th" sounds.. and it just generally feels odd. I talked to my mum about it today.. and she mentioned the possibility of a mini stroke. I thought it sounded really silly until she mentioned the bruising on the back of my thigh on my left side. (Pretty much.. this huge bruise has slowly been climbing up my thigh. I havent banged it or had any trauma.. its just there.. climbing like an unwanted ivy bush.)

It got me thinking about wether my clotting agents are off or something.. I still think the chances of me having a mini stroke are very slim.. but you know what they say.. a mini stroke is normally a warning of a bigger one. Just looking for friendly advice today... thanks all xxx

God bless and ill pray for all of you x

Siobhan x

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Hi, this sounds very symptomatic of a flare and I would advise going to hospital as they may wish to do an MRI and certainly check your eyes. Are you under a bd ophthalmologist? How are things now?


Hi there,

Yeah.. im definately flaring at the moment. However when i woke up, i couldnt feel my arm or raise it above my head. I didnt think anything of it at the time.. but now that its effected my speech.. im wondering wether the possibility of me having had a mini stroke are high?? Wish everything was clear cut and easy to answer!!:(

Thanks for the reply, God bless x

Siobhan x


Do you live near an a and e? Or havea good bd consultant? I would definitely contact someone just to rule out TIA and get some relief and help. It king of you.


*thinking...not it king!


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