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Something new...bloating anyone??


Not too sure if this is Behcet's related or not, but I have had severe abdominal bloating for the last few days. Like, to the point it looks like I'm about six months pregnant! It's uncomfortable and not much fun. This symptom corresponds with a new crop of mouth ulcers and some bone and muscles aches. Was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this as part of this wonderful disease of ours??


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Yes I get bloating with a flare as I get the ulcerativw bowel etc. It seems this is a common problem with bd when talking to others. X

Me too...I find it most uncomfortable and it affects my breathing too. I have to wear different size clothing at different times....very annoying :(

I suffer from severe bloating all the time, and it never seems to ever go away; just gets worse sometimes. The swelling not only comes in my belly, but in my chest, neck, and shoulder area as well. It's really horrible because I can feel myself getting bigger.. literally and the more things swell, the more it causes great pressure on all the underlying tissues and organs. Like Andrea and Clare have said, I also get this difficulty breathing when my chest swells and sometimes my belly will swell so much that it starts pushing everything upward, to the point where I feel like I'm chocking. I can have attacks of this swelling occur many times throughout the day, making it very hard to choose outfits in the morning because by the time noon comes around, I'm often two sizes larger! It is beyond uncomfortable at times, and when it gets bad enough, I often end up laying in my bed with ice packs, moaning and groaning. I find that heat makes these attacks come on and also worsens them, but I can still swell no matter what. Summer is not a happy time for me because everything basically stays all puffy and bloated.




I have problems with my tummy too. I don't tend to get bloated to look at but it feels so uncomfortable. Like Andrea said it hurts to even breath. Not much fun. I have been put on a drug to help protect my tummy from ulcers. Doctors know that I have had ulcers in my intestines where the large intestine joins the small one, think it is called the illium! after having a colonoscopy.

Just another pain caused by BD.

Clare x x


Thanx for your responses guys. Well, this is a new one for me. Just one more thing to look forward to. Good times.

Hi Kat

Yes I get the bloating, I look pregnant sometimes, not a good look for a 59 year old :o

Am on omeprazol to protect the tum. It bloats right up to the chest !

Didn't put it down to BD but guess as others have it, looks like it is.

Take care :) xx

I have 3 closets and 3 different dressers with clothes sizes 0 to 10 to accommodate for all the bloating and swelling episodes. I'm usually between a 3-4 (have been for almost 30 yrs); but my 1st few mos of my 1st flare 10 yrs ago learned I can swell 20 lbs in 2 days (literally). It can be especially awful when my skin is really reactive and I go through periods when I can't stand to have anything but soft cotton put pressure on me anywhere. I almost got rid of all my size 6 and above clothes when adrenal insufficiency caused me to drop 60 lbs in 2 mos and barely be able to fit into a size 2 for 2 years. I ate a cake a day and laid in bed half the time because I was so exhausted. Now that I am steroids again (permanently for me), I gained 20 lbs rapidly, my tummy, arms, chest and legs swell like balloons, and I am glad I kept some of the bigger clothes. I've been able to cap the weight gain a little this time by limiting my food quite a bit and high activity level, but everyone thinks the opposite of course. I get so frustrated sometimes by these medical issues, medication side effects, and lack of control over my body and life. I am glad to know others deal with it, too. I am not alone. It helps to accept it, when the rest of the world seems to be measuring their (everything) by very different standards and considerations.


I did a bit more research and learned that indeed bloating can be a symptom of BD. It is usually due to inflammation in some part of the digestive tract, i.e. in your bowels or stomach lining OR is an indication of stomach ulcers. Good times as usual!

Since I choose not to use pharmaceuticals but instead to use food as my medicine I also researched foods associated with bloating. For the last few days I have been living on rice, bananas, meat, eggs, natural nut butter and small amounts of non-bloating fruits and veggies such as carrots and grapes. I've been drinking tons of lemon grass tea and green tea with ginger.

Now I only look about 4 months pregnant instead of six! :)

Thx for your feedback and support as always, and I hope some of you can benefit from the info I've shared about food the next time your tummies swell . xo


Yes,but much better since gone gluten free.


Zebra ~ yes!! I have also been gluten free (also sugar and dairy free) since shortly after I was diagnosed. Whenever I allow myself a 'treat' it comes back to bite me. Lesson learned!!


butterfly_ in reply to Hidden


Yes I think food plays a MASSIVE impact on BD. Tho my Dr poo poos this. But HE does not suffer like us .......We know the true story. SO many symptoms with this BD.

Sometimes in the past(before being properly diagnosed) I used to feel like a hypochondriac......Even when I was admitted to hosp with gastric bleeding (ulcers ) with lots of all the other symptoms described to the various Doctors that examined me ....they just ignored everything I said and just treated the ulcers!!!!!!!

I am to the point of being boring!! Very careful what I eat or I cannot control my BD .


I wont eat dairy, gluten, wheat, apples ,toms ,bananas, grapes, nuts of any kind ,prunes the list is endless and still being added to!!!

Also I have found to stay off any processed meats ham bacon sausage etc....things that contain phosphates and sulphers....used in preserving meats etc.

SUGAR is a major problem .....I feel this is the worst offender in the bloating saga!!

My stomach makes VERY loud noises that the kids think are hysterical...tho the pain and HUGE belly is not so funny. The kids watch in amazement as my tummy swells to 9 months pregnant looking in the space of 60seconds!!!

It is inspiring to know that there are so many of you wonderful fellow BDEERS out there who offer support and give a online HUG when


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I have a lot of the same restrictions as you and I agree...sugar it the main culprit. And oh how i LOVE sugar :(

Most of the time I'm able to avoid it but sometimes depriving myself makes me sad. I just want to be able to have a slice of pizza or a piece of birthday cake like everyone else. But alas ~ I am not like everyone else. Like all of us here, I'm special! LOL.

It's nice to connect with someone else who believes that diet is a huge piece of the puzzle. I find lots of good gluten free, sugar free,dairy free recipes on pinterest. It's been a handy little tool for me.

I have been experiencing some new symptoms lately and know that I have not been diligent enough with my diet. Back on the wagon I go. The up side is, it keeps me slim.

Enjoyed your input Butterfly. Thanks xoxo


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