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Hi I have had Bechetes for 8 years now I was wondering if anyone has problems with bloating I look about 6 months pregnant I don't over eat and to be honest I don't enough I have tried diets and it still doesn't go I always had a slim figure without this stomach I would look normal it's hard enough dealing with all the day to day Bechetes stuff but when I do get a good day this pulls me down x

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Yes....! I too look 6 months preggy at times. So disheartening!! Even though I lost 8 kg when they finally got my meds balanced and colchicine helped with my chronic constipation - I have lost the weight everywhere else but still look and feel very bloated. Have microscopic inflammatory changes in my bowel lining so I am sure it is all to do with the Bechets but will be interested to hear how many others have the same problem.


Could it be a side effect from medication? What are you taking? Have you talked to your doctor about it? I am one year into my diagnosis with Bechets. I do get bloated easily but I always have... I'm interested to what others have to say. ..


Hi yes this is sadly common. I wonder about the treatment you are on?? Maybe you need something else for disease control. I am currently well controlled and have few gi issues these days.


Yes this is one of the many symptoms of Behcets unfortunately and i dont think there is any thing that can be done about it either .I have even tried hardly eating anything but still look 6 months pregnant!!


Hi I suffer terribly with bloating also! I spoke to my rheumatologist about it who said it was unrelated to the bd but I am convinced it is! I did try post a couple of weeks ago and said I was really awful after eating weetabix and a banana! Someone mentioned to try a gluten free diet which I did and felt so much better! I also started eating a bowl of low fat Greek yoghurt with a handful of gluten free granola for breakfast and it seems to keep the bloating away!! I tried to avoid any cereals or high fibre foods and take multivitamins rather than eat fruit ! Crisps , biscuits and junk food ( I am a big McDonald's fan!) seem to make the boating worse and make the fatigue worse ! Hope that helps ? Lots of hugs jo x


Mine was caused by sugar. Sugar is incredibly inflammatory. Cut all sugar from your diet including fruits. (You can work fruit back in after you feel better and see which ones are okay- for me its only strawberries, blueberries and cherries- everything else is NO.)

This means: meat, veggies (no carrots/beets) and good fats. Start a good multi-strain probiotic. Please refer to my other responses from my profile page- as I have gone in depth with this answer from there.

This also means: no breads, pastas, sweets. A good rule is: if it comes from a box- NO.

Good luck and seriously- give it an honest try. If i have a bite of any of the above- Im done for a day or two.

I have also posted recipes along the way- but can respond with some basic ideas here if you feel clueless about where to start.


Same:/ My big flare at end of 2012 had me on steroids for almost 1 1/12 yrs.I gained 35 lbs almost immediately and can't seem to get rid of anything more than 10-15 lbs of it.I retain water,chronic constipated,no longer on steroids, but md says my cortisol levels must be high so losing weight is near impossible. Short of starving yourself...still the weight hangs on🙁

I drink lots water, walk my dog daily....md said to try hiit(high intensity interval training)



My son finds it very hard to eat because of the bloated feeling he is under weight and very small we have tried lots of different types of foods and it's always the same so now he just eats very small meals now


Yes this bloating goes hand in hand with Behcet's and def not related to medication. I have had long periods of being med free and it doesn't go away it is caused by gi issues we suffer.

The only thing which will help is good disease control x


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