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Something cool to wear when I feel frumpy !

Something cool to wear when I feel frumpy !

I am a big Lass and I vary with the weather (literally at times) in how much weight I hold and lose depending on how much water I am retaining and can vary from a size 20 to size 26 at my worst.

I am always on the look out for clothes I can wear that are equally as nice to wear when I am hot and sticky as they are if I need to go for an appointment and everything else looks dreadful and like a sack on a bag of potatoes when I am not feeling good.

I have searched high and low in this country and find that the sort of thing that I feel comfy in costs a fortune and is nearly always made of polyester or some other mixed fibre that just makes me sweat all the more.

Here I have found what seems to me to be the ideal solution to my problems. They come from Egypt and are pure Egyptian cotton so excellent for perspiration problems. The Egyptians are fond of larger ladies as well as smaller ones so they come in a range of sizes to meet every ones requirements and fit loosely to the body so you can sit, flump on the bed or go out in the car without necessarily having to change all the time.

I bought three of these thick cotton, beautifully embroidered kaftan type dresses for £6.49 each with the same amount for postage for each so I have 3 for just under £40 which is really cheap for the sort of quality you get here. I dread to think what they would cost in this country.

I bought these from ebay and they are brand new from a large retailer based in Egypt. Search for ethnic clothing and you open up a wealth of goodies to choose from ! :)

So for anyone looking for this type of attire, please have a look at what's available abroad, particularly in Egypt with their beautiful pure cottons. I did and I am delighted !

They also make male versions if any of you guys feel a similar yearning for something loose to wear around the house !

tootles xx :)

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Looks really lovely...I like wearing this type of thing as well they are nice and cool and comforting to wear......are you brave enough to show us a photo of you in it ?

Andrea xx


I'm the photographer so you might get a picture of my hubbie 'cause we're the same size ! lol :)

The picture doesn't do the embroidery work justice, they are so beautiful. Takes me right back to the seventies and my hippie days ! yah..... :)

tootles xx


One of your hubbie sounds even more interesting lol :D

I am a bit of an aging hippie as well and love all this sort of thing. I went to Tunisia some years ago with my husband and mother in law. We had a great time trying on kaftans and had to buy another case to bring some home.....those were the days.

thanks tootles


HI Xandii,

That is so wonderful that you have found some items of clothing (which actually make for a beautiful outfit!) that not only look really good, but that are also very comfy for you to wear. I completely understand your need for wearing clothes that are loose fitting and also that helps you to stay cool in temperature. I have big trouble with the heat as it makes my swelling and then my pain so much worse. Come late springtime it gets so warm outside and the sun is so hot here where I live in Canada. I often go for the "yoga" and "sport" type clothing that have the "cool-dry" technology-- luckily they are in style here and nearly everyone wears them, even sweat or yoga pants all the time. But I still would love to have some more girly, pretty outfits.. its just so hard because I cannot have anything too tight on my waste because my vessles will inflame and burst too easily. Sometimes we just need to find something that looks good on us and makes us feel good about ourselves, because we have so much taken away from us with this disease.

The stitching is probably so much better quality than that of clothing made over here in the States or in Canada.. most of our stuff is very cheaply made.

Anyways, just wanted to compliment you on your beautiful "finds" :)

Take care :)



Aww thanks hun ! mwah ! :)

The pattern you see on this one is embroidery not printed and the picture doesn't do the item real justice for the quality you get.

Sometimes I wear them just around the house and sometimes I pop on some flat strappy sandals and a nice long light scarf, looped a couple of times around my neck and hey presto ! I'm ready to go anywhere and I don't feel stifled or have anything around my waist to feel tight and uncomfy.

For the more trendy younger lady you could always add a wide belt to give them a bit more shape and closer fit but for me as an old ageing hippy, I like the loose flowing style. lol. The style at the moment with long dresses like this is to tie a long scarf loosely around the waist and it looks quite Boho.

Ah ! I'm in fashion at last. LOL.

tootles till later xx :)


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