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Mobility Scooters - Luggie?


I have decided to bite the bullet and buy myself a lightweight mobility scooter. The one that I am favouring at the moment is the Luggie. Has anyone bought one?

The other ones available in Australia are Mobie, Elite and Piccolo.

It needs to be something that I can get in and out of the car myself, take on the train to Sydney and then get into the boot of a taxi (without them refusing to take me!).

Any comments gratefully accepted.


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Hi Lesley,

I'm no expert on scooters although I hear that red looks nice goes faster too!

Good luck,


lesleyg in reply to MrsVMac

Hi Vicki

We have a very complicated situation at home. Dad is an amuputee and already owns two scooters however they mainly use my car.

I suggested I buy one and l leave it in the car and they can use it. Dad piped up very quickly that he didn't like the look of "X" brand and would I consider the Luggie.

My favorite colour is Red but I was leaning towards Blue ...

I wonder if manufacturers realise what really makes us choose between models in the end.



I purchased a secondhand one for a well known shopping website and it is really helpful as I hate the manual wheelchair as not so independant with this as I cannot push it myself.

It didn't cost very much really [about £150.00 in the UK] and so I grabbed the bull by the horns and got it.

Mine is a 3 wheeler and really only good for shortish shopping or hospital trips, airports etc. Not really what you call a fully road worthy one as they are much bigger and weighty so would not be appropriate for putting in the boot of a car. Mine also has a lighter battery and so you can take it indoors to charge etc, rather than having to find somewhere outdoors to house it.

I take mine with me in my motorhome as well so I can get around the campsite or down to the local shop/restaurant. I do find peoples reaction to me in it is much more positive than when I am in the manual wheelchair.....don't know why but people seem to want to talk to me more.

Can't say I have used it with a taxi so wouldn't know their reaction to this would be, but we have mobility centres in the UK where you can try before you buy or you could rent one for a while just to see how practicle it would be for your needs.

Hope it helps but feel free to ask me anything else as it is important to find the right one for you.


Hi Andrea

What is the brand name of the one you have?



andreafm in reply to lesleyg

Hi lesley

Mine is an invacare but an older version than the one's available today as it has 3 wheels instead of 4. Personally I would rather have 4 wheels if I were to buy one new.

Parts for the invacare are pretty reasonable and easy to get and so you might want to google the internet to check on availabilty for parts etc on your chosen brand....nothing worse than paying out a lot of money only to find you can't get replacment parts if it goes wrong.

I found the Aussie Invacare website for you to have a look at

The luggie looks great and lighter weight than mine but be careful to make sure it feels stable when driving it especially up and down kerbs, slopes etc.....that's why I suggested trying [or renting] before you buy.

by the way red definately does go faster...well it does when I am driving it :D

The luggie is good and lightweight. My mum has got one very similar.

Hi Les Hun,

I have currently got a TGA Eclipse for the car and so has my OH. We can fit both into the rear of our C4 piccaso which is one of the larger people carriers types. They break down into four parts and each bit is easy to pick up. (They say even a one handed person can do this one but I wouldn't mind seeing it.)

My OH has had one in and out of taxi's and they have no problem here waiting for the dismantling and loading etc.. which only takes about 2 mins max. I don't know what your trains are like over there though, and if you can drive it straight onto a guard van or similar which would probably be the way to do this one. If you have to unload and load this type of break apart model from a train I don't think it would be very practical. These however, are a reasonable size and take up to 21 stone which you probably don't need for your dad and certainly not yourself, so some advantages there if your a bit of an oompah loompah like me.

The luggie also has brilliant reviews over here in the Uk (in fact every country that has them now) so it seems like a really practical model for what you need.

Thumbs up from me for your choice Hun :) I have had and discarded several lightweight scooters over the years and reckon you're pretty spot on with this one !

take care , big hugs xx


I would love to trial a luggie I hear and read great reviews.

I still have problems walking and it really tires me out.

Like Andrea I bought a cheap scooter of that place where things can be auctioned.

It proved to me that a scooter was useful in terms of increased mobility but the scooter needs to be as light as humanly possible to lift in and out the car......couldnt agree more.... going to make a post in a minute about a disability exhibition coming to the NEC soon

Love Jill

andreafm in reply to goodlife

go for it jill

I will have a look out for that. My son lives near birmingham so may well try to organise a joint visit

Thanks everyone. Decisions, decisions - the only thing I'm sure of is the colour - red and I bet it is out of stock. Will let you know how I go, am trying to arrange 'an obligation free demostration', hopefully towards the end of the week.


andreafm in reply to lesleyg

I will allert the traffic police for you then :D

Only joking of course...I am sure you will get on great

Let us know what you decide

Having a demo next Wednesday morning 10am - stay tuned


By the way the traffice police wouldn't be bad here - we have some very strange 'older' people here who think they are still in their cars! Also there is one lady in particular who rides around the shopping centre at top speed with a a very determined look on her face. Sooner or latter she is going to clip someone!

I wonder if I can insure it (it's very expensive).


xandii in reply to lesleyg

You certainly can insure them over here Les so I can't see why it would be any different over there. Before you do....check on your house contents insurance as you may well find that it is covered on there already for theft or damage, depending on what type of policy you've got. You may just need to stipulate the make and purchase value like I do on mine.

I found that the only advantage to taking out a seperate policy just for the scooter was for personal liability if you hit someone and caused them to die or have substantial injuries.

By the way folks, if you come to north wales and are caught zooming around a pedestrian area above the statutory 4 miles per hour, you can expect to get stopped by the police and cautioned with a public nuisance offence which has happened to a couple of 'super grans' just recently.

big hugs xx

This is turning into a great thread....Angela keep me posted and we could meet up for coffee

and Lesley you have to take some photos to upload if you can please....

Count on the photo when I make my purchase!

Interesting about the caution and speed limit Xandii - it probably will start happening here in Oz but haven't heard of it yet.

Also as soon as made the other post I thought I household insurance!

It anyone hasn't seen the YouTube video of the scooter in Goodlife's post it is well worthwatching!



andreafm in reply to lesleyg

yes please on the photo's Lesley

My imagine is going wild here ;)


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