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Fingers crossed the Methotrexate may be working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After 6 months this med maybe starting to I really did not want to type that as I may be tempting fate!!!!

Still have all usual aches and pains etc but no ulcers anywhere and that is amazing...even after the most stressful 8 weeks of my life so far anyway lol.

My mother in law and brother in law for were in town for a week which meant that i saw quite a bit of my future x hubby.....hard as hell to see a totally broken man who has lost so much weight in a week he looks like the walking dead.

Detachment is the key but it is still hard. My big baby of 24 has come home for a week to look after his auld Mum as he so politely put it!! My 19 year old daughter had a major melt down during the week, she cant understand why i did not through him out years ago..and nor do I!! But we are OK now. 16 year old lad has so much compassion he is brilliant with the 11 year old who is so angry with his Dad. But I look at my children and even in the depths of despair I feel proud that through all the hardship I have raised four wonderful children so at least I have managed to do something right.

Fingers crossed the meds are actually working or maybe im in a wee remission either way I am very grateful.....for a while there no light could be seen at the end of the tunnel.

Keep the faith people hope Mr BD is not being too hard of you all this beautiful, wet, cold and windy spring morning!!

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Some good news at last. I am on Methotrexate and have been for 3 years. Since I have been on it I have had no Genital Ulcers and the odd mouth one but still gets them on my legs and chest. I can cope with these though as they are not so painful.

As for your family, it sounds like you have got lovely children and they are supporting you well.





thanks but Ispoke too soon, I know I was tempting fate....woke up this morning and mouth full of ulcers and i can feel them coming down below! But hey hoe such is life!! Fingers crossed they wont last too long..

Stay strong all xx


Hi Ruth

I'm back on MTX and my head is feeling clearer although my joints aren't too good. I think with any of these medications it takes about 3 months to really get into the system.

Glad to hear things are picking up for you. BD turns us into pretty tough people!




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