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4 Days post Colonoscopy/Unwell/ More than normal-Mucus?

Hi everyone.

I'm 4 days post colonoscopy which I had done on Sunday afternoon. The reason for the colonoscopy was to investigate months and months of stomach pain, and alternating chronic constipation and diarrhea: also passing small amounts of blood and a lot of mucous.

Im technically being investigated for crohns/uc. My colonoscopy went ok- some parts were very painful- I had sedation and gas and air for the painful parts. During the surgeon noticed lots of "bile" he described in my colon and noted this on the findings. He said he couldn't really detect anything else but took 11 biopsies to check for any issues at a cellular level. Since early Tuesday morning I've felt genuinely unwell. Ate light meals such as toast and rice with chicken. Felt lightheaded, weak, tired, on and off nausea, stomach cramping, pain in my lower back and a bit of chest pain. I was unable to have a bowel movement until earlier today which was very very small accompanied by slight blood and mucous. Since then I tried to go again but have only passed large amounts/globs of fowl smelling yellow mucous. I've had a low grade fever on and off including sweats and feel so weak and shaky.

Is this normal?

What do you recommend I do? I've been drinking lots of fluid and have also eaten some high fibre food as advised whilst taking paracetamol every 4 hours. Just feeling so unwell and not sure if it's normal? I'm a 26 year old female with a few other chronic health conditions, had endoscopy a few months ago which diagnosed gastritis and a hiatal hernia (not sure if relevant)

Any help would be really appreciated.




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Hi, I should imagine by now that you have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. After years of research, I found the book "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" which advises you on how you can manage the illness through food instead of drugs. This book has been my life saver. The drugs have awful long term side effects and are not a cure. The book is available on Amazon for around £20 or less and is worth every penny.

Best wishes