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I can't have sex

For two years now I haven't been able to have sex. It just hurts/is uncomfortable and I hate anything going near that area. I've used lube and done hours of foreplay but nothing happens. It's always like a desert down there too but even if it was wet it still wouldn't work. I went to my doctors today and she didn't help one bit..just told me to cuddle lots and pretty suggested everything I had already tried. She wouldn't listen to me when I told her this. It's really beginning to annoy me now.

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i have found a link there is a list of conditions and some explanation as to why your doctor has ignored the problem. There is also links to research. Perhaps the "Symptom checker" may help. Hope this site is useful to you.


I can relate to this, as sex can be randomly painful for me too at times, especially upon initial penetration. Just want you to know it's not just you! Although I couldn't say what it is....


find a good shrink in your disability.


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