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Symptoms after oral sex

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Hi everyone!

I have been struggling with this for 10 weeks after I had unprotected oral sex.

I tested negative for absolutely every STI, including Hep. A, B and C. The candida test is also negative. No HIV.

My END doctor already said she did everything possible and that from her point of view it is just a matter of time until my tongue will be clear again (as all the tests came back negative).

The infectious disease doctor took another tests for Hep A and C, faringian exudate, tongue exude, uretral secretions, urine test and stool test, ureaplasma and microplama test (the only sti test i didn't do previously). All of them are negative. The doctor send me home and prescribed a mix of meds composed of Nistatin, acyclovir, vitamin B, vitamin A and glicerine. She said the same thing as the END doctor... I will be fine.

However I don't see any improvement. My tongue continues to be like this (see photos).

The symptoms apeared 1\2 days after the sexual contact with my lips (the became red and gluey) and change in the texture of my saliva.

In the same time...I got this while visiting Dublin for 4 days. I booked an Air Bnb apartment that looked tidy but I don't exclude the existance of some mold somewhere in the room.

Did anyone experience this?!

7 Replies
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I am sorry to hear and see what you are going through. I ain't no expert but have you not been tested for Syphilis.

That may be the case.

Can you scrape it off?

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Marian85 in reply to HAK33

I have been tested for syphils at 4 weeks after exposure. The test came back negative. The venerolog told me the test was quite accurate and excluded syphils as the cause. The infectious diseases doctor said that it doesn't look like syphils at all.

Today I went to a therapists as I am went though a lot during this period. I was terrified of HIV and I developed anxiety. This might be also an impediment in the healing processes.

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Galen70 in reply to Marian85

Oral sex is low risk for HIV transmission. If your anxieties are a major problem, perhaps consider PREP .

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Marian85 in reply to Galen70

I am incapable of touching someone having this thing in my mouth. No sex for me until I figure it out what's going on.

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Ok well its difficult to say what exactly you feel is different to normal. The photo of your tongue could be normal for you. The doctors you have seen have given you antifungals ( nystatin) and anti virals ( acyclovir ) although I don't understand why they gave you those. I also don't understand why they gave you vitamins. Please circle on a picture what you are worried about. Also remember syphilis can be passed through oral sex ( the main route of transmission in gay and bisexual men ) and you didn't mention they tested for it - although it usually causes a painless ( or sometimes painful ) ulcer.

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like a genital warts.You should go sti clinic and check this.

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Marian85 in reply to winnminny

I've been to a lot of doctors already, including STI clinic. I moved over. It will heal with time.

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