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Swollen urethrea

I began experiencing problems a month or two after I was last sexually active.

It started as general discomfort/pins and needles sensation in my genitals.

That changed into a problem with my left testicle and a dull pain.

From then it developed into a problem with my penis (it seems as though my ureathra is swollen as my penis doesn't hang as it should because of a swelling inside).

Then it started to feel as though my scrotum was retracting (or at least something inside was); at the same time I began experiencing a very itchy anus.

At the moment, such is the situation that I am in a lot of discomfort with my genitals and penis, plus my anus.

I am unable to empty my bowels without having to hold on to my testicles (the right one is sewn down since childhood) because it will shoot up into my groin.

I've been for scans, sexual health clinic and urologists but they've drawn a blank.

This has been going on for over three years now and has had a devastating effect.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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