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What brand of copper coil from 2014

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I had a copper coil fitted back in 2014 which should be effective for ten years, but my GP said that it should be replaced as I don't remember the brand that was fitted; because there are some that last less than ten years.

It's been almost impossible to find out because the coil was fitted in an abortion clinic after a treatment and I don't have the card anymore. Does anyone know what kind they used or which were the choices, or how to find out?

I would very much avoid the trouble of having one fitted now if there are two years more of grace as I'll then enter pre-menopause and will have the last one ever fitted.

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if it was a UK termination service , they should hopefully still have records. You could contact them. If you cannot find out the information, then it is up to you to decide what to do. If you accurately remember them saying to you it was a ten year IUD , then it will still be active. If you are unsure, then you need to consider it may not be active , and think about what you wish to do.

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