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Not ending pelvic pain

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hi, I had sex with a new partner few years ago and after that started to feel pelvic pain and some milky vaginal discharge. Previously I was on 6 months treatment for trush and thought it came back. After all STD tests, and trush tests all came back negative, I repeated the tests after few months but still negative. But the symptoms still there and I have pelvic pain each time after sex. Had internal scans, etc but no one sees anything abnormal.. it feels the infection is there, just don't understand why all tests are negative.. so tired from this...

2 Replies
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May not be an infection. I had same issue. Now investigating lychen sclerosus...but there is inflammation. How is your hormone levels? Thinning of vaginal skin can cause inflammation too!I still searching

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Have you attended a sexual health clinic for assessment ? PID is a clinical diagnosis , and even negative tests and scans cannot rule it out. Consider other causes like endometriosis. You may require a referral to gynaecology by your GP - the gold standard test for PID is keyhole surgery , laporoscopy.

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