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Pelvic inflammatory disease

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I was treated for chlamydia 2 months ago and seen today to be rescreened. Told the clinician i was getting a lot of lower abdo and back pain and told it could be pelvic inflammatory disease and need to see dr to be examined, the next appointment is nearly 3 weeks away, is this too long to wait?

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No in fact that is quite quick as I have heard of it taking upto 3 months to be seen. However, you should have been prescribed some anti-inflammatory medication such as naproxen to help relieve the pain and symptoms.

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anti inflammatory medication will do nothing to kill the bacterial infection which is the cause.

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Apologies I meant that it should have been prescribed as a stop gap to relieve any swelling/pain until they can be seen by their GP or Specialist for further testing otherwise they would just prescribe an antibiotic.

well...since Chlamydia can cause sterility ie. damage reproductive system, I would think any delay in antibiotic treatment would be risky and cause for concern.

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Its nots long but if your worried just go staight to the hospital. I myself had pelvic inflammatory disease and since have had a lot of problems with abscesses on my ovaries and had 2 operations! Any time you feel weird or have pain in that area get it checked as soon as possible

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I have had this for 5 years. My doctors have diagnosed me with alsorts but never found the cause until I went into hospital for the fifth time with severe pain around the appendix, I was told do go to a GuM clinic and that was where I found out I had chlamydia and pid, Iv been treated but still have problems, I recently had a cervical screening and the results came up with abnormal cells, if you think it's too long play on it as much as possible because this things stops you from having children.

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