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Take STD test while on Contraceptive Pills

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Is it ok to take the STD test while I’m on my combination contraceptive pills?

how about if i’m on my withdrawal period, is it still ok?

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Hello audrapacondra,

If it is just the test for an STD then this should be fine. I dont't believe there is any guidance against testing when you are on your period etc.


If you are concerned though I would talk to a clinician - you can call a clinic near you :)

The only time that your pill may be affected is if you do have an STD and need any medication for it - in which case just read the leaflet that comes with any medication to see if it interacts with your pill. Again, if in doubt, ask a professional :)

Yes to both your questions . Antibiotics do not affect the combined oral contraceptive pill except for very uncommon ones used to treat tuberculosis etc ( enzyme inducers )

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