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Sensitive Penis glands

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Ive had this issue for as long as i can remember even as a child. My penis went erect, i cant full my foreskin all the way down, i get about half way and it just stops. It isnt sore in any means, its just annoying. However, once i pull back my foreskin my glads have always been sensitive. I dont know if its because my foreskin has covered them for so long that that it hasnt been exposed to the "elements". During sex it can be a pain as it can be uncomfortable. Any ideas what i should do?

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You may get more responses to your question if you post this to the Men’s Health > Penis Health section of this website. Sorry I can’t help you as I have never had any foreskin problems. Best wishes.

This is either congenital phimosis , meaning a tight foreskin since birth, or acquired phimosis, as with the condition Lichen sclerosus . You may simply have a tight frenulum. If it is causing you pain, you should either attend a GP , or a sexual clinic, to discuss your options.

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