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progesterone only pill//periods??

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I've been taking the progesterone-only pill every day for a few months and I no longer get periods which is great, but everyone around me thinks it's not good for my body. I remember specifically asking my GP for a pill that doesn't need the week off as I know I would get confused haha. My question is should I carry on as I have been or is it bad for me?

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Why would it be bad for you? I’m doing the same but very early on in taking it but I’m on this due to my age. I’ve been on Mirena Coil before and had no periods on that. It was bliss! I’m Choosing to switch to the implant soon and hoping that has the same effect. I didn’t want the coil again because it was painful when fitted. Do what works for you and your body. Doctors wouldn’t prescribe it if it wasn’t ok? I would recommend tracking your moods, period and any symptoms to see how it affects your body. You do you 😊

Completely 100% normal, if you go on the nhs website it explains it all on there and the mini pill can also be taken up right up until menopause! Can I ask which one you’re taking as I want to change to the mini pill as it’s definitely my best option.

I thought the same thing after I hadn’t had a period for a few years, thought my body might need a ‘break’ but doctors assured me it doesn’t work like that and it’s not causing any harm by not having a period so I’d continue to make the most of it if I were you haha🙂

I Iike that benefit of it. 4 years now. Got me thinking though, the womb lining isn't being shed. Sure there would've been research into that though

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